Ultimate Revelation Of Why Everyone Love Addictive Foods

Ultimate Revelation Of Why Everyone Love Addictive Foods

Remember you are walking through street and cannot stop your eyes staring that addictive food item like pizza, burger, chocolate or cake.

It could be in some restaurant or in a bakery shop and you just go there and buy it without knowing that in the morning you don’t even plan to buy that food.

You don’t know that it increases your bills and you sometimes don’t buy the other item which you already planned to buy.

So what the heck is happening here?

Confused? Not for longer now!

This is what addictive food supposed to be, you can’t resist buying it and that’s the reason everybody loves addictive foods.

Their uncontrollable craving makes you unstoppable to buy it, in spite of the fact that these addictive foods are very delicious and tongue watering.

These can also be a potential cause of unhappiness which you don’t know either, that’s how innocent people are. They don’t know that such cravings for addictive foods or junk food can put their life into treatments in the longer run.

A study by researchers found evidence that some foods, some processed food with the added sugar and fat in them demonstrate the greatest addictive potential. Both the factors of substance-related and behavioral factors are responsible for anyone’s addiction process. Although the symptoms are seen show a better vision that substance use abuse is a more responsible cause than behavioral factors.

For more understanding of why everyone loves addictive foods, we have to deep down understand the foods which are at last responsible for developing these addictive habits in people.

Most Addictive Foods

Below are some most addictive foods which are loved by everyone but should be avoided most by everyone.


pizza, addictive foods, most addictive foods

Ah! you see the image and want to order it online? Let me tell if I am wrong in the comments. I am sure the thought of ordering it or thinking you don’t eat it for long definitely comes to your mind.

That is how much addictive it is you practically observed everything now. As much as it seems full packed with different delicious flavored ingredients. It is also a full pack of most potential health risks that someone face after consistently eating for a long period.

Some of them are obesity problems, high blood pressure, increase in body cholesterol levels. These are all major health concerns for our bodies.

World health report 2002 says that out of the top 10 global risk factors identified 5 are only caused by obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, alcohol, and tobacco.


It’s Valentine’s day, birthday, it can be anyone marriage anniversary no one is away from eating chocolate. In fact, no occasion is needed to eat one it’s cheaper though.

The people at younger ages are also eating it with all taste. A healthier consumption of chocolate is a benefit while if the consumption is increased it can reverse its benefits.

heavy chocolate consumption bulks up more calories in people leading further to more obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol like problems, diabetes, and depression are also concerned.

Chocolates contains high amounts of sugar which promotes more tooth decay problems. People who are already suffering from migraine problems also experienced increase in their migraine because of eating too much cocoa’s tyramine, histamine, and phenylalanine content presented inside chocolates.


Yeah, it’s too delicious and available with different flavors and ingredients that wow you. That’s why on every birthday it is there to increase your digestive enzymes in the mouth.

It’s ok if it’s on some occasion otherwise will give you surprise gifts of numerous health conditions. The cake is among the most addictive foods loved by everyone.

It is huge packed with sugar which inturns will push your body to bulk up more fat inside progressing you to other health risks like sugar level imbalances, obesity, heart-related problems, rapid weight gain.

Glucose and fructose got rapidly absorbed into the blood flow. Eating much will also increase the appetite and weight problems are major problems.

Metabolism disturbances, diabetes, leading to further cancer.

Researchers say in a report in Annals of Oncology, a large case-control study showed that more than 5000 Italian women shown that the effects can be significant. Researchers say in a report in Annals of Oncology, a large case-control study showed that more than 5000 Italian women shown that the effects can be significant. Excessively doing sugar consumption may lead to 12% of total breast cancer cases in the Italian population. Other investigated reports by the researchers associated with total sugars, sucrose, fructose, added sugars, added sucrose and added fructose in the diet with risk of 24 malignancies. Participants having the aged 50-71 years from the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study were monitored for about 7.2 years. Read full report


cheese, addictive foods

Thinking of some cheese recipe now? mutter paneer, shahi paneer, chili paneer are some famous variations of cheese.

Cheese is also considered an addictive food, however, its addiction is not as much as the other foods discussed.

Cheese is mild addictive food and its addictivity is also because of the protein casein, which further distributed into casomorphins.

Casomorphins are compounds that we released inside of the body find their binding site to the dopamine receptor in the brain.

After binding it to trigger out the reactions which increase the craving for the food. Cheese is not something to be much worried about.

Things to notice is cheese is higher in saturated fats and salt amounts so heavier consumption can prone to heart related diseases.

High cholesterol, high blood pressure are the commonest one.

Ice cream

Yeah, it is not possible that these summers can pass out without eating a bowl of ice cream. Isn’t it true that the summer season is thinking of more ice cream than of its high temperature?

Ice cream is freezy, cold, sweet, and chilling in its taste. These have high levels of sugar and fats which needed for their making so that a perfect flavor can maintain.

Because of high sweeteners, compact calorie profile, and fats the too much ice cream consumption can make us familiar with diabetes and other cardiovascular deformities.

Ice craving is not directly related to it but our psychological patterns make us to think this way.

In some stressful situation or want to relax from burnout people often prefer to eat ice cream.

So the pattern in their brain makes them think like it is the solution for such a situation and every time when they are in the same situations their brain patterns trigger which pushes them to get relief from eating a cold ice cream cup.


Chips are often eaten by everyone they seem to be more like a snack. The chips are higher in sodium levels which ultimately negatively impact our cardiovascular health.

As increase in sodium consumption will further give rise to high blood pressure levels, progressing person forward to heart stroke, vessel blockage, coronary heart disease and kidney disorders.

Apart from that these chips are higher in calories and fatty content they are also compose of a compound named acrylamide which increases the risk of cancer in people.

Some people have craving for salt and because of that their cravings for chips also increases, they start consuming it in higher amounts without thinking a second.

If your body’s electrolyte profile is not disturbed and balanced you will not experience craving for salty items like chips.

French Fries

french fries, addictive foods

French Fries are more related to chips as these are also made up by potato and also crunchier in taste.

Eating lot french fries is not a good idea, likewise chips french fries also contain high salt and fat levels which on more intake make the one to suffer from heart related diseases.

Other risk factors may also get triggered like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, overweight issues which further be a cause of chronic health condition.

An eight years study suggest that on regular consumption of high starch containing food like French fries can causes cancer because there is a compound acrylamide which is also found in chips.

On heating at high temperatures this compounds shapes itself and become carcinogenic to our body.

French fries also work in regulating the reward system of our brain when we exhausted or tired we often eat French fries that’s how it works our brain gets rewarded French fries make your brain to release dopamine so you feel happy and pleasured.


You get excited when you heard the name ‘cookies’ yes you want them in you snacks to get amazed by chewing them gently.

If you got too much excited and want to eat raw cookie dough, just stop yourself here don’t move further or you will regret.

Raw cookie dough can take you to hospital as it may increase the risk of food poisoning it contains uncooked eggs or if it is egg free still cannot be eaten raw, it also contains raw flour so it’s better to hold on your cravings.

Raw cookie dough contains viruses, bacteria and parasites which will not leave you without making you sick.

The combined mixture of fat, salt, and sugar presented inside the cookies on consumption will trigger some responses from our brains.

These responses are much similar when it feels after taking drugs like cocaine and marijuana.

These all discussed above are some of the most addictive food items which are consumed by everyone without knowing the exact risk mechanism which they trigger.

After reading all you got the answer to why everyone loves addictive foods. There is no other cause of loving these foods the only reason is that all these foods enhance or produce dopamine from your brain which is as much similar as your brain responds when someone takes drugs like cocaine, marijuana, etc.

Tip- Make your stomach full when you go outside to shop something. It helps in making your body enriched with calories and will promote the feeling of fullness so your mind will not push you further if you see some delicious addictive food item. Your cravings will much reduced after you have taken a good meal.


There are so many foods that level up your cravings some of the top addictive foods are discussed in the article. All these foods follow a simple mechanism of triggering brain response which is similar to when someone takes a drug. That’s how anyone gets addicted to these foods so the lesser you consume these more you’re in a good zone.

What’s your favourite addictive food? if you’re addicted to some foods do tell me in comments i will more happy to reply.

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