What does Lemon do to Your Body? Which you Don’t!

What does Lemon do to Your Body? Which you Don’t!

Among the foods that are higher in vitamin C content lemon is the first name everybody thought of there and it’s because everybody knows that lemon is richest in vitamin C among other essential nutrients.

Lemon is a sour fruit and often used as a flavoring salad and people like to squeeze it on many food items for getting the exciting flavor up to the tongue.

Do ever the question “what does lemon do to your body” arises in your mind?

I know that question knocks you many times, isn’t it?

Many people don’t know it properly they are aware of one or two things but you will know later in the article about all the good effects and bad effects of lemon on your body.

To understand to effects of lemon better you first have to understand the nutrients which lemon is composed of.

After researching many review articles on lemon and studying different researches done by scientists I finally came out with the best nutrients composition of lemon and its potential effects on the body.

A review article published by Research Gate proves that lemon with peel contains 22 calories while a lemon without peel contains 17 calories and one tablespoon of lemon juice will give you 3 calories.

According to World’s Healthiest Foods, a quarter cup of lemon contains up to 31 percent of vitamin C. Folate and potassium are 3 and 2 percent which all build up 13 calories.

Nutrition Profile of lemon without peel (58 gm)-

  • Calories (17)
  • Protein (0.46 gm)
  • Carbohydrate (5.41 gm)
  • Total Fat (0.17 gm)
  • Sugar (1.45 gm)
  • Fiber (1.6 gm)
  • Vitamin C (44.5 mg)

There is only difference in calorie content of lemon with peel and without peel. So, the people with fitness goals should prefer taking peeled lemon.

Now you have clear understanding of nutrition profile of lemon it’s time to focus on the effects of lemon to the body.

what does lemon do to your body

What does lemon do to your body?

People does know that lemon is good for the body but they often confused about the health risks of lemon. As they are many misconceptions outside the web.

Let’s figure out both the good and bad effects one by one!

Good Effects

Some cool health benefits by lemons.

Lessen Cancer Possibilities

Citrus fruits for cancer, sounds good?

Various epidemiological studies done in the past proves the benefits of citrus fruits in treating cancer.

Lemons contain the limonoids and modified citrus pectin (MCP), the properties of lemon tested in humans to treat cancer. Limonoids and modified citrus pectin are present in other citrus fruits also.

Modified citrus pectin found inside of the lemon peels works in stopping the prostate, skin, and breast cancers to other tissues of the body several studies done on animals prove that.

On humans there is no evidence of study which confirms the prevention effect of MCP’s in treating cancer.

You have a bitter feeling when you chew lemon it is because of the limonoid’s presence in lemon. According to researchers, the limonoids are capable of slowing and killing cancerous cells, the study was done with the animals.

Study on humans the limonoids doesn’t hold any clear evidence to treat cancer.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Risks of heart and related issues occur in most people because of a disturbed healthy lifestyle and eating habits, diet plays a major role in this scenario.

The citrus fruits are great in managing and controling the cardiovascular health.

The vitamin C inside these fruits when get inside of your body starts promoting the anti-oxidnats level in your body.

As your body high with antioxidants level it will be more strengthful to fight various diseases and will also protect from severe heart illness.

Studies indicates an increase of 30 % of antioxidant level can be achieved by increasing the vitamin c levels in the body

Improve Digestive Health

Lemons are also known for exerting their effects to the digestive system for the improvement of digestion mechanism of foods.

The pectin is found in lemons as a soluble fiber, these pectins are gel-forming substances when they get in touched with water. The gel gets mixed up with your body waste and softens it making it easy to pass out your intestine.

These soluble fibers also aid in rapid sugar absorption from foods by lowering down their absorption to the blood stream.

So, for a better digestive health you must consider including lemons in your diet.

Maintains Uric acid Levels

Lemons are good when your uric acid levels are higher as they chemically reduces uric acid levels in your body.

According to a study by the British Medical Journal lemons juice increase the calcium carbonate levels in your body which gets bounded with the uric acid compounds and reduces it to smaller particles resulting in lowering blood acid levels and increase alkalinity in the blood.

So, if you’re already higher with uric acid levels you have no reason of not including lemons in your diet.

Lowers Risk of Anemia

Anemia is the condition in which your body lacks the oxygen-carrying red blood cells and this may be due to the destruction of RBCs at a faster rate as they are made. Iron deficiency may also be counted as a cause for anemia.

Lemons are rich sources of vitamin C and acts as great helper for iron absorption into the body.

According to Healthline lemons are enriched with vitamin C and citric acid which helps in the absorption of non-heme iron from plants. This may be the reason for the prevention of anemia.

Thinking of maintaining RBCs count just stir some lemon water.

Weight Management & Control

I used to take lemon water when i go to gym in my school days and yeah i am also the heavy person at that time.

I tried taking warm lemon water two times daily, at mornings with empty stomach and at evening.

And I started seeing results in 4,5 days as this lemon water is mixed up with my workout routine and I am experiencing amazing benefits from it.

Apart from my story, lemon water is packed with powerful antioxidants and other mineral components which rapidly increases bodies metabolism process and helps in cutting down extra kilos from your body.

Must try lemon with warm water it’s just amazing also don’t forget to eat low carbs meal at your lemon days.

Reduces Kidney Stone Possibilities

Calcium oxalate and uric acid like crystals in your urine are possibilities for kidney stone formation.

How it is when the lemons are used as a treatment for kidney stone? does lemonade in real is capable of kidney stones reduction.

The answer is Yes! lemonade is the best fighter for kidney stones. Lemons contain enhanced levels of citrate concentrations in them which are known for preventing kidney stones.

A study recently conducted by Sur, which is named lemonade therapy- shows that drinking 8 teaspoons of reconstructed lemon juice in two liters of water daily shown to lower down the stone formation period from 1.00 to 0.13 stones per patient.

lemon bad effects

Bad Effects

The things to understand carefully.

Reduces Bone Density and Metabolism

This is a matter of debate and people tend to confuse too quickly about the effects of lemon juice to the bones.

Overall the web, many disagree with this statement that lemon reduces bone density and many websites are also claiming that lemons don’t cause any harm to bones.

Let’s go deep into, after researching many studies i am came out to the conclusion that lemons if taken in moderate amounts will be good to the health and will maintain functions of body.

But what happens if you’re taking Ca-enriched lemon beverages on a regular basis for a longer duration does it cause any issue to bones?

The answer is Yes! it does cause the bone to lose the tendency of bone formation. Look at how the study done on postmenopausal women proves it.

Five months of study trial is conducted with 83 women divided into 3 groups. For checking out the effect of lemon on bone density and metabolism two groups are given with calcium supplemented beverages or calcium unsupplemented beverages and the third group is not touched. After five months it was found that the first two groups have larger lumber spine mineral density as compared to the third group. Also in the femur regions, the mineral density is more in the first group compared to the third.

The study states that because of too much consumption of Ca-supplemented lemon beverages the absorption of Ca is increased and bone reabsorption decreased. Due to this, the function of bone cells decreased and subsequently, the bone metabolism also suppressed.

Dental Problem

Lemons are good if taken in diluted amounts with water, cause on dilution the effect of lemon does reduced to the tooth.

Lemons are high in acidic content and if regular intake of lemon in high concentrations getting in touch with your teeth if will surely erode the enamel of your teeth.

A study was done with 100 enamel and 100 dentine specimens of bovine teeth which were immersed into different non-alcoholic drinks like coca-cola, red bull, lemons, and with 3,4 other drinks.

Among all the drinks the coca cola showed least erosivity effect and lemons are the ones ranking on top.

Worsen Skin

Have you often seem people applying lemons to the skin to get the juice inside of skin layer and repeated the same for yourself?

If you’re doing so just stop right now. Lemon on the skin doesn’t affect everybody same different people have different skin types if on dry skin lemon juice is applied it will more likely to damage it more before you notice any benefit.

People often experience stinging and itching to the skin and still keep on applying lemon they are not aware that these signs are signals that your skin is not made for lemons.

So, it is more better to know your skin type and consult your dermatologist before applying anything to skin.

Dehydration by Lemon

Lemons are also blamed to cause dehydration this is because lemons juice in your body will speed-ups your function including kidney functions also which will flush out more of the water from your body.

With the flushing of too much water from the body at times, many nutrients like sodium, potassium, and an electrolyte dis-balance occur by which your body is in need of more salts to the body and you feel dehydrated.


A condition you don’t want to happen with you, in this when the plant chemical or juices or oil from the citrus fruits like lemon is applied to the skin and the skin gets exposed to sunlight, UV rays they are more prone to cause reactions to the skin.

By the reaction you will feel burning sensations, redness and swelling are the symptoms of photodermatitis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of lemon?

Lemon on applying to the skin and on taking it as a drink inside your body will sometimes make you feel uncomfortable and this is because you are experiencing the side effects of it.

Some of the side effects of lemon are-

Stinging sensation to the skin.
Itchiness and swelling
Long-term and high concentrated intake stops bone growth, dental problems, and dehydration also.

What happens to your body if you drink lemon water everyday?

Everyday intake of lemon is a potential source of benefits to your body enriching your body with vitamin C, keeping up the digestion, and also shows its strong detoxification effects to the body.

But also keep in mind to drink diluted lemon juice and in moderate amounts as it may not cause any harm for short period but for longer it will surely make you think twice.

What does lemon do to a woman’s body?

Lemons are good antioxidants, vitamin C-containing and scavenge free radicals it affects in favour of the benefit of the body.

An experimental study was done on postmenopausal women which shows the bad effects on bones and their metabolism. The effect is measured in 5 mont

Is lemon water better than regular water?

There is no comparison both are important and required in certain conditions as both satisfy your need.

So you will take both according to what you want from the body like if your aim is to kill your thirst you will drink water not lemon water.

If your aim is to drink something that adds to various health benefits including cutting down on fat and improving metabolism you will try lemon water.
Lemon water has many essential nutrients including antioxidants and also needed for the detoxification of the body.


So here is a quick recap of what you get, lemon water is good if taken in moderate and diluted form so the chances to show any side effects will be lower.

Lemon is a great drink that fulfills your body’s nutrition requirement and scavenges free radicals and also flushes out the toxic elements from the body.

If you have skin issues you have to first consult the doctor then after apply anything like lemon to the skin.

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