19 Luscious Types Of Rice In India, U.S, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Thailand

19 Luscious Types Of Rice In India, U.S, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Thailand

There are different types of rice that are eaten and used by people overall the world. Rice is a food rich in carbs, proteins, and calories which are required for maintaining the body’s energy levels.

However, there are numerous varieties of rice which are used and enjoy fully eaten by people. In this post i discussed about different rice varieties that you must know.

Types of rice

The rice is a cereal grain that occurs in different colors and forms like white, red, black etc, mostly used rice form is white color rice. Below are some types of rice with different forms and color.

Types of rice in India

India is the country where rice is almost eaten by every people excepting ones with health issues. So, you can easily understand how much popular is rice among Indians.

Basmati rice

Yeah, it’s a popular one I know you like eating it that’s why I put basmati rice at first, these are white long grains which people love most to eat, because of their pleasant smell (when cooked) and taste.

These types of rice are very good for new dish preparations because of their self existing taste they also increase the taste of foods in which it is added.

These rices are very good with pulses, onions and you can also make fried rice by adding different veggies and spices.

Bomboo rice

Do you heard of it?

Let me guess I think you are not aware of bamboo rice tell in the comments if you already know about this rice. As bamboo rice is not openly sold and you can’t easily found it in the market.

These bamboo rice are also pronounced as ‘mulayari’ rice, small-length rice which is greenish in color, these are actually the seed of bamboo shoots. The rice is obtained when the bamboo shoot dies.

This is the main reason of its rareness because it takes a longer time in years to get developed. On taking look to the health criteria these rice are nutritious than other rice and wheat and also high in protein content.

Good for diabetic patients, heart patients and joint pain issues.

Brown rice

As its name, brown rice is brown in color, and a tasteful snack. These are also known for their mouth-watering taste like basmati rice and must add food with other recipes.

These will give your mouth a slight nut flavor that you love to chew again and again.

These rice are good rich in mineral content like iron, magnesium, calcium and also with vitamins like Vitamin B-6.

Black rice

Yeah, they exist I know you don’t ever eat these types of rice. also with their rareness, this rice is much costly than other rice types.

Black rice are grown in Manipur regions of India.

That is another main reason people don’t found it in common markets only some high-income people afford to eat this rice.

These black rice contains anthocyanins which greatly decrease any heart related issues and decrease inflammations in body.

Lutein inside black rice is good for your eye’s health, anthocyanins also maintain and stabilize sugar levels in blood good for diabetic patients.

Red rice

Other color variation of these rice types is red rice. Not like a bloody rice these are just slightly red shadded rice.

In India, these rice are grown in Brahmaputra valley which is in Assam. These red rice are available in different varieties and are included in different food preparations.

These rice can be fried, used with garlic, cooked as khichdi, mexican red rice is also good.

Red rice are higher with magnesium and antioxidants, these do help diabetic peoples by stimulating and managing insulin levels, good for lungs, and fiber makes your digestion clear.

White rice

Now it comes the very common rice white rice, the favor is neutral and it is commonly eaten by Indian peoples and are also easily affordable.

These are good rices that can be added to any dish and acquires the color of the dish in which it is added.

Commonly eaten with pulses, to make khichdi, fried rice etc.

White rice is gluten-free when eaten in combination with other veggies it manages sugar the higher starch value is neutralized and it doesn’t affect that way. however, if you’re a sugar patient you must consider what your doctor advises.

These are good for energy spike and are also taken as a pre-workout by many athletes, good for heart, stomach and digestible food.

Sona masuri

Sona masuri is a well grown and popular Indian rice many people in india eat this type of rice as a daily diet or weekly.

These types of rice are grown in Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana in india. These are whitish rice of medium size, with different nutrients contains within.

These have sufficient carbohydrate with no fat included, low calorie, more with Vitamin C, and starch with no sodium.

Rosematta rice

Rosematta rice is found in Kerala in India. These are white rice with small brown strains and a rough texture. These are better than white rice in terms of health benefits.

The nutrition is in the brown layer of this rice which is fall away at the time of polishing white rice. A cup of rosematta rice contains many vitamins and minerals like calcium to 1 g and magnesium to 84 mg.

These rice are eaten with veg dishes and more with non veg recipes.

Indrayani rice

These are also choices of many in India Indrayani rice is whitish in color, and appears to be medium sized slim rice.

These rice have good nutritional advantages like essential vitamins and minerals, which include calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin D.

On cooking it looks to be a little sticky, it can boost up your metabolism, gut health, fat burn, and immunity.

Samba rice

Samba rice is white color medium length grains. These grow mainly i Tamil nadu regions, It is also popularly known as ‘Gobindo bhog’ in West bengal.

Other parts of India have smaller variety of this grain. The seeraga samba rice variety contains compound selenium which add us many health benefits like preventing cancer of intestine and colon.

Phyto-nutrients and fiber in them help to maintain gut health and support heart health and neutralize breast cancer.

Mogra rice

These are non-glutinous and white rice has a pleasing smell and is medium in size, considered healthy for daily inclusion in the diet. These rice are not sticky but a bit fluffy which is good when making dishes like fried rice, biryani which don’t require stickiness.

Glutineous rice

These are rice which are a much more sticky in nature if you guys love sticky rice than this one should be your choice.

Glutineous is white rice of medium size but also come in shorter and longer grains. In India it is found in North, South, East and West regions and in Bhutan.

The rice is mostly liked by the Asian peoples this get a much waxy when cooked and also this rice have less amounts of amylose in them.

The starch content of glutinous rice works as adhesive and is also used in building palaces at ancient times.

These help body to develop stronger bones, maintain heart fitness and reduce inflammation.

Types of rice in Maharashtra


If you want to know the rice of Maharashtra it is ambehohar rice, these are small rice varieties grown in Maharashtra.

This rice is a fast cooking preparation than other rice that needs less time to cook.

This rice tastes good and has a sweet smell It smells much like a mango, that’s the reason for its popularity.

This is not a new grown rice but is present and grown in Maharashtra since older ages of emperors.

Ambemohar rice contains health advantageous vitamins and minerals.

Types of rice in United States

Wild rice

Wild rice are found in United States, particularly to the lake regions of United States these types of rice are grown. These have a nutty and earthy flavor.

You can see them brownish and balckish in color from outside this color is dissolved when heated or cooked and the white rice appears.

According to the research, these rice are good controllers of body lipid profile and also contain antioxidant properties, with high fiber amounts, these all nutrients aids in many disorder prevention.

Types of rice in Thailand

Purple thai rice

These rice appears to be darkish purplish in color and are cultivated at combodian border, found in Thailand. The name is based on the appearence of these rice.

Also identified by the name ‘Khao Hom Nil’. If you’re excited to try new rice forms you can surely add this rice form to your diet.

The color in their raw form remains same after they are cooked also only some spices inclusion can make a difference in color of these rice.

Used in sweet and tasty dishes also in the expensive dish, they add a nutty flavor to the dish. Also this rice will give the sufficient rice nutrition to body.

A fiber is most common nutrient found in every rich this is also found in purple thai rice which don’t let your digestion to get stressed by making easy food crushing and bowl movements.

Red cargo rice

Red cargo are another rice form found in Thailand, these are long grains which are free form gluten, the shape and color matches to that of brown rice.

Its bran can be red, purple, or marron, these types of rice flavors sweet and nutty, this rice can be a good supply of calcium, iron, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, and fiber.

The thing that makes it different from other rice forms is its cooking time which is longer than normal white rice, if you want to taste it sweet and soft you should keep it for soaking in water before 30 minutes.

Jasmine rice

This name is too aukward for a rice, right? i know but this is not an Indian rice the jasmine rice is mostly cultivated in Thailand.

This rice is white-colored and medium in length, these come under the delicious rice category. These very much taste friendly rich with good odor.

This has different other varieties of it like brown jasmine rice which possess various nutrients that are good for the body it helps in sugar control and heart health.

Types of rice in Japan

Sushi rice

Sushi rice are most cultivated and and important crop of Japan. They do prefer its cultivation because they like the rice to get included in their japanese dishes ‘japanese sushi’ also taken with seafood.

The rice colors white and are smaller in size with high starch in them.

Types of rice in Spain

Bomba rice

Bomba rice is found and cultivated mainly in eastern parts of Spain. The grains of these rice are very much small and look much rounded because of their shorter length.

It also contains amylopectin which is the reason for its shorter length. This compound is found inside starch that is used for making thickening agents.

These rice are non-sticky because of the amylose present in them. The different thing about this rice is it can easily absorb water more than 2 to 3 times then its own volume.

Hence for cooking these types of rice you need to add more water. These variety of rice are very costly in Spain.

Types of rice in Italy

Arborio rice

Arborio rice are white small rice cultivated in Italy, It’s named arborio because of the towns name of italy. Arborio rice have higher protein content due to which bodybuilders also prefer eating this rice to have lean muscle mass.

This rice also controls your hunger by giving a sense of food satisfaction so you will not urge to eat more food that will maintain your weight.

Antioxidants in this rice variety also fast up metabolism and promote fat burning.


How many types of rice are there?

If want to all over world it is 40,000 types of rice varieties. Some of the best kinds are discussed in the post.

What are the main types of rice?

Wider categorization is on the size of rice which is long, short, and medium-length rice. After this, the rice can be categorized according to countries like in India basmati and brown rice, in Thailand purple Thai rice and jasmine rice, in United States wild rice, in Spain bomba rice, etc.

What type of rice is the best for you?

It depends on your need and expectations different rice have different qualities some are better in taste than other some are healthy more some are beneficial for weight loss some cook quickly etc. In common you prefer to eat whole grain rice like wild rice, red rice, brown rice etc, which maintain your heart, cholesterol, cancer and other issues.

What type of white rice is best?

There are alot of white varieties available you can check and choose according to what you needs that will in actual help you. You can consider Arborio italian white rice it is good in nutrition and can be added to various recipe.


There are so many types of rice overall in the world so you can’t eat all of them I know that’s why I concluded some best-known rice of Indian, the US, Japan, Italy, Spain, and Thailand.

The rice varieties with their nutrition are discussed i hope you will like the overall categorization if you need something extra do mention it in comments.

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