21 + World’s Best Types of Chillies, India, South Africa, Australia.

21 + World’s Best Types of Chillies, India, South Africa, Australia.

Are you a chef, a simple cooking person, or any food lover who want’s to explore types of chillies?

It doesn’t matter who you are if you want to explore chilli types this post can be your last web search for chillies, let me guess if you know more than 4 to 5 types of chillies.

What is you answer? do you know more chilli types? If yes, leave in comments and let me know.

I must tell you that I myself a great chilli lover and I don’t think of a day when I forgot to eat chilli. It is my first spicy choice with every salty food I am eating.

Below i am discussing about the types of chillies used and eaten all over the world, let’s get started.

Types of chillies in the world

Chillies are used as a spicy ingredient all over the world with different recipes to add up spicy flavour for the tongue excitement people love to eat chillies with food.

Types of chillies in India

India is a well-grown country where people are crazy about spicy foods. If I talk about chili production, the states of India that contribute most are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka.

These countries together have 75 percent of the area covered for the cultivation of chilies. Most of the dry chili is produced by Andra Pradesh.

Kashmiri chilli

These are mostly found chillies of Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh that’s why it is named ‘Kashmiri chilli’. These are dry chillies that are utilized by industries for making chilli powder.

Red color chillies are available in red powder form, almost in every house, these chillies are used. These are moderately spicy chllies which are not too much hot in taste.

These types of chillies are best to get red color from dish. You can add them in all type of dishes to get light chilli flavor.

These chillies are mostly intended to be used and added in cooking recipes.

Jwala chilli

Eaten those green fresh chillies? There are no other but jwala chillies, which are green in colour and are fresh chillies. These types of chillies are mostly cultivated in the Gujarat region of India, specifically in Kheda and Mehsana.

These are mostly green on maturing can turns red. These chillies are different from Kashmiri chillies as green chillies are mostly used to eat in raw form with food.

And can be used to make pickles and is utilized by cutting and adding to different eatables. On the other hand, Kashmiri chilli is only used to cook food and add color to it.

These chillies are very spicy in nature and can turn your lips and tongue hot and red. After this much spiciness, this chilli doesn’t left-back in terms of importance.

People do love eating it alot after the spiciness it have they do love to taste spicy.

Guntur chilli

Guntur chillies are also green colour chillies but can be easily identified as they are bigger in size than jwala chillies, which are long, slim and tight chillies.

In India, Guntur chillies are mostly cultivated in Andra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The utilisation of these chillies is the same as jwala chillies, used for eating in raw form with different vegetables.

These are hot spicy in taste.

Kanthari chilli

Kanthari chillis are also called bird’s eye chilli. These type of chillies are green, yellow, white and reddish in colour. These are medium length chillies and smaller in length than jwala chilli.

However, if consider the width kanthari chillies are much wider than jwala chilli. These types of chillies are mostly found in Southeast Asia.

These are crunchier and peppery in taste a bit of bitter taste, and spicy.

Bhut jolikia

When you want to eat the spiciest and hottest chilli, bhut jolikia chilli which is also called ‘ghost pepper’ is the best chilli to spice your tongue.

You can also found the name “bhut jolikia” in Guinness book of world records and it was listed as the spiciest and hottest chilli in the world.

In India it’s cultivated in Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland. People love to spice their fishes with this chilli.

Don’t take this pepper lightly as more of this pepper can kill you.

It was reported that a man ate pureed bhut jolikia, and it causes serious damage to his esophagus, the esophagus is torn because of retching.

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Byadgi chilli

It can be your mild taste chilli choice, this pepper is not spicy and used for making the curry red. The byadgi chillies are mostly cultivated in Karnataka.

The name of byadgi is because of the town byadgi inside Karnataka. These types of chillies are mostly used in various recipes of south India.

These are reddish chillis just like kashmiri chilli it supports your food color.

Sankeshwari chilli

When you thought of chillies used mostly to used in powdered form then sankeshwari chilli is the name.

These types of chillies originate in Maharashtra, people love to add the spiciness of this chilli into their food for getting their dishes hotter.

These are light reddish chillies, can be used as alternative when you don’t want to buy high rate spices.

Warangal chappatta chilli

These are name on the Warangal regions of Andhra pradesh. These are bloodish red chillies and are shorter in length.

Nature of these chillies is normal, these are mild in taste.

Khola chilli

These peppers are grown in goa, particularly in the hilly regions. These chillies need rainfed conditions to grow.

These are paint red peppers are are smaller in length but much wider than kashmiri and Byadgi chilli.

Greatly used at home for adding spice to the pickles and in other foods. Used by the industries for making red chilli sauce. These chillies are strong in taste and smell.

Mundu chilli

These are well-grown chillies of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh. You can easily identify these chillies by their shape especially they are small rounded chillies with light skin and dark red colour.

There are many different flavored chilies than other chili varieties, sometimes they spicy but not in general. Used in many dishes because of its flavor.

Aldona chilli

Aldona chillies are grown in Goa, these chillies are blackish-red in color. The two Aldona chilli varieties can be seen in goa one is much wider than the other and is used for frying.

Longi Chilli

Have you eaten bikaneri bhujia?

These chillies are ingredient used in bikaneri bhujias.

These are tiny reddish chillies used for preparing other namkeens also.

Boriya chilli

Boriya chilli, gets its name because of its shape and size which is much similar to a berry.

These are dry rounded and brownish in color.

These chillies are high spicy varieties which are used in frying foods to enhance taste.

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Tarvati chilli

These are Portuguese chillies and are small chillies nearly of three inches in length and are used for local preprations.

Teja chilli

Teja are very famous masala chilli of India, these are dry chillies and red in color.

Mostly it is cultivated in south Indian regions, these are available in powdered form in Indian markets.

If i talk about the taste it is considered among the hottest indian chillies. Try it in vegetable soups, spicy food makings etc.

Resham patti chilli

Well-grown chillis and used mostly in Gujarat and Maharashtra. These chillies are wider than other chillies, red in color, and have a strong spicy taste.

These chillies in Gujarat and Maharashta mainly used for making pickles.

Good to add with other masalas, chutneys and pickles for increased hottness.

Dhani chilli

When bird eye chillies dried they are called dhani chillies. Mostly grown chillies of Manipur and Mizoram regions of India.

These chillies are strong, spicier in taste, and gives a hot spike when added to foods and other cooking preparations like pickles, chutneys, etc.

Mathania chillis

Mostly used chillies of Rajasthan, these are reddish and dry chillies. It was named ‘Mathania’ because of the town Mathania in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan.

These are mild heat-flavored chillies with a strong smell and taste. These are very less used outside Rajasthan and because of this reason people do stop the cultivation of them.

Used in Rajasthan recipes like Red meat.

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Types of chillies in South Africa


These are rounded small ball like pepper, dark reddish in color. These types of peppers are grown in South Africa.

These are moderate spicy chillies with different flavor. For fast cooking dishes these types of chillies are preferred.

Chipotle and jalapeno

These are red and green chillies of medium length and width. Every chilli lover must know this chilli as it is used commonly.

These are not two peppers but the same when jalapeno gets matured and dries it is called chipotle. Also, these chilies are hot in taste and it also differs as chipotle gets matured the heat increases.

Jalapeno chillies look more fresh and crunchier in mouth as compared to chipotle which is dry chilli.

Piri Piri (African Bird’s eye)

Also the most founded chilli of South Africa, if you ask from South Africans about this chilli they do tell you. That’s how much it is popular.

These are green color chilies and change color to red on maturation. It is good in spicy levels moderate to high heat will be mixed up with the vegetables.

A dish called ‘peri peri chicken dish’ is the preparation for which this chilli is commonly used.

Types of chillies in Australia

Trinidad scorpion butch taylor

The Trinidad scorpion butch t is the hottest chilli in Australia. These chillies are cultivated by Australian chilli factories, the NSW central coast is the region where they tried to cultivate this chilli first.

This chilli as in Australia used for making hot and spicy sauces, these are this much strong that when cooking these sauces people do have to wear proper masks and body protection.

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What are the different types of chillies?

There are many types of chillies some of them are-
Jwala chilli
Kashmiri chilli
Trinidad scorpion butch chilli (Australian chilli)
Bhut jolikia
Peppadew (South African chilli)
Piri Piri (South African chilli)
Teja chilli
Longa chilli
Mundu chilli
Resham Patti chillies
Dhani chillies

Which chillies are the hottest?

Bhut jolikia
Carolina Reaper
Trinidad scorpian butch
7 Pot douglah
7 Pot Barrackpore

Can hot chillies kill you?

Not in general, hot chillies are safe to use until you are trying to do some experiment with them. Hot chillies are safe to eat they just make temporary heat sensations on your mouth. However, in some cases, people who tried to do something extraordinary with peppers resulted harming themselves.

Which country eats the most chillies?

Mexico country is known for eating most hot chilli dishes. As they love to spike the hotness of their tongue. The peppers which are used in Mexico are among the spiciest and hottest peppers, which are jalapeno, habanaro, serrano, pabloan, ancho, etc.


In the above post, I explained most of the widely used peppers however there are more peppers in the world which people use. But mostly I love to add these ones.

Peppers like bhut jolikia, kashmiri chilli, jwala, and eighteen more types of peppers are discussed above.

Mexico is the country where people mostly love to eat spicy dishes.

If you have any specific health issue do notice to consult your doctor first before trying anything that may harm your condition.

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