11 Soft Foods To Eat That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

11 Soft Foods To Eat That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

There are many times you require soft foods to eat, it can be because of you’re ongoing through some medical procedure or treatment for that you need to include soft foods in your diet.

In numerous health issues, you have to take or make a perfect choice of soft foods to eat which is more suitable in that situation.

If you have to go through medical surgery, ongoing through cancer treatment, tooth treatments, difficulty in swallowing, or having any digestive issues you can rely on these effective soft foods that pleasent the digestion process of foods in the stomach.

Soft foods are that which lowers down the effort of chewing and swallowing foods making easy digestion.

List Of Soft Foods To Eat

These are some best chosen soft foods to eat that will ease out difficult digestion processes and will please the stomach processes.

#1 Boiled Potatoes

Boiled potatoes are good to be added to the diet when you want something soft on your plate. These yellowish soft potatoes are nutritious as well.

Fully packed with energy, carbs, protein, potassium, fiber etc.

Another thing you can do is to mesh potatoes into smaller pieces which will break the fiber in them making them more suitable for digestion. Remove the skin of the potato when eating.

Nutrition value of boiled potato without skin (100 gm)- source

  • Energy (77 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates (17 grams)
  • Proteins (1.8 gm)
  • Potassium (280 gm)
  • Fiber (1.2 gm)
  • Iron (0.4 mg)

#2 White Bread

white breads are good soft foods to eat

White bread can be eaten easily and swallowing it will not require more effort. If your food often sticks in the throat you can eat white bread also.

A slice of white bread (25 grams) contain-

  • Calories (67)
  • Carbohydrate (13 grams)
  • Fat (1 gm)
  • Fiber (0.6 gm)
  • Protein (2 gm)

You can try white bread with saus, jam, peanut butter or you can see the best homemade bread (white bread recipe) here.

#3 Wheat and Rice Cream

According to Cream of Wheat, the delicious rice cream contains four essential vitamins and minerals. Rice cream is also good source of iron, if one packet is eaten a day it will accomplish 70 percent of the iron requirement of body.

There are total eight servings in one packet (43 grams).

Nutrition of rice cream (43 gm)-

  • Iron (70%)
  • Carbohydrate (34 grams)
  • Thiamin (15%)
  • Niacin (15%)
  • Riboflavin (4%)

Nutrition of wheat cream (1 cup)- source

  • Protein (2.84 gm)
  • Carbohydrate (20.68 gm)
  • Fat (0.41 gm)
  • Sugar (0.06 gm)
  • Fiber (0.94 gm)
  • Energy (97.76)
  • Iron (7.75 mg)

#4 Applesauce

Combo of sweet taste and nutrition, you can eat applesauce with other soft food snacks as to enhance different flavour.

You have to try unsweetened applesauce for good health benefits.

Applesauce is a rich source of (antioxidants) phytochemicals. Many risk factors cancer, diabetes, heart disorders can be reduced.

Nutrition value of one cup of applesauce (unsweetened)- source

  • Calories (103)
  • Proteins (0.4 gm)
  • Carbohydrates (27 grams)
  • Sugar (23 grams)
  • Fiber (2.7 grams)
  • Fat (0.2 grams)

#5 Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese are mild in flavor and are obtained from fresh cheese curd product.

Cottage cheese cannot be directly found beneficial if talk about only digestion benefits but yes indirectly it can be a good choice.

Most of the dairy products contain lactose, cottage cheese contain lactose in lower amounts as compared to other dairy products.

Most people feel difficulty in digestion because of high lactose they feel, bloating, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain etc. So cottage cheese is a good soft food to eat at the place of other dairy product.

#6 Eggs

You can eat boiled egg as a whole or only the white skin also. Eggs are nutritious and provide numerous health reliefs.

If compared with other high proteinous foods like legumes and meat eggs are easy to digest foods. They also provide relief in certain digestive problems.

Patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and diarrhoes said that eggs are good soft foods to eat at as to fulfill protein requirement of body and to avoid malnutrition.

#7 Tofu


Tofu is another soft food you should include when you want some digestion friendly food. Tofu is prepared from condensed soy milk.

Some people are also allergic to soy products and their body reacts to disruptive digestion.

Nutrition value of tofu (100 grams)-

  • Calories (76)
  • Protein (8 grams)
  • Carbohydrate (1.9 gm)
  • Fat (4.8 grams)
  • Sodium (7 mg)
  • Potassium (121 mg)

#8 Carrots

Carrots are best digestion foods as they are loaded with fibers and sugar levels of body are also maintained by eating carrots.

The fibers in the carrots are soluble fibers not the insoluble one which usually create more digestion difficulty.

The dissolution of soluble fiber in carrots produces a get that aids in digestion problems in different ways and make better digestion processes.

#9 Custard

Your bowl is waiting to be filled with this soft food, don’t forget to eat custard, custard is a combined product of egg protein milk, and cream and satisfies its position among the soft foods.

If you don’t have any diabetes or overweight issues you can eat sweetened custard as it is mostly sweetened in taste.

Nutrition value of custard (100 grams)-

  • Calories (122)
  • Total Carbohydrate (18 grams)
  • Sugar (4.8 grams)
  • Total Fat (4 grams)
  • Protein (4 grams)
  • Sodium (84 mg)
  • Potassium (207 mg)
  • Cholesterol (51 mg)

#10 Cooked White Rice

In white rice your effort of chewing or swallowing of food almost reduce to more than 50 percent. As these boiled rice are already mixed up with smaller rice kernels.

These boiled rice kernels are easy to chewed and swallowed if compared to other foods in like Pranthas, fruit and veggies in which you have to broke that food in order to get swallowed.

According to healthline white rice is good option for the people suffering form digestive issues, nausea and heartburn.

White rice is preferable soft foods to eat as it is low in fiber and easy to digest food.

#11 Plain Saltine crackers

Plain saltine crackers as soft foods to eat

During pregnancy plain saltine crackers are found to help with nausea problems. Saltine crackers are easily digestible they enrich the body with nutrition and energy requirements.

Nutrition value of saltline crackers (100 grams)-

  • Calories (421)
  • Protein (10 grams)
  • Fat (9 grams)
  • Sodium (1,021)
  • Potassium (159 mg)

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you eat on a soft food diet?

Recommended foods to be included in soft diets are one that eases the body’s digestion process and which can be easily chewed and swallowed.
Eg of soft foods to eat-
White Bread
Cooked White Rice
Plain Saltine Crackers
Cottage Cheese
Boiled Potatoes

What foods can I eat without chewing?

You can rely on drinks like summer squashes and winter squashes.
Custard is a good choice.
boiled rice will make your chewing effort less.
Ice creams, tofu and white rice.

What are some soft foods to eat after stomach surgery?

After stomach surgery follow the foods that don’t generate excessive pressure to stomach during digestion processes.
Soft foods like-
Cottage Cheese
Boiled potato
Custard are good choices.

Is it OK to swallow food without chewing?

The first digestion of the food starts from the mouth, the chewing is am important bodily function that require to broke down food and make it ready to move further to get digested in stomach. Without chewing or improper chewing of food you may experience stomach related issues like stomach pain, digestion disruption and other related problems.


It is always recommended by doctors to eat soft foods when you’re recovering form some surgical procedures. So for that the article concludes best soft food ideas that will ensure your good health and don’t interfere with the digestion mechanism.

Always consult and ask with your clinician that what foods are best for you to be added.

If you have any questions or queries mention them in comments.

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