11 Impressive Ragi Flour Benefits and Nutrition Facts

11 Impressive Ragi Flour Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Chapatis are made with flour and you’re at present aware of its benefit only but I know you have eaten ragi flour but are you aware of ragi flour benefits?

In India ragi flour is called by the name “Mandua”. The ragi flour chapatis are tasty and are a favorite among peoples, Indian peoples mostly like to eat ragi flour chapatis with ghee and jaggery.

I also tried the combo many times and i can’t stop myself from eating 3,4 chapatis of it i know you will eat more.

Ragi flour, ghee and jaggery combo is very tasty if you have not tried it must give it a chance thanks me later.

What is ragi flour?

If you read my post about millet types, you know about finger millet, when the finger millet is powdered it is called ragi flour.

These ragi grains are food powders that are rich with vitamins and minerals. Most vegetarians prefer eating it for its protein content.

Cultivation of ragi flour

The no. one leading producer of ragi flour in India. In India ragi flour mostly grown in Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra.

I talked about the consumption of Andra Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Uttarakhand, and Goa, particularly in the Kumaon region.

Till now i have talked about ragi flour and its cultivation now know the health benefits of it.

Ragi nutrition facts

Nutrition value of ragi per 100 g.

  • Calories (320)
  • Protein (7.16 g)
  • Fiber (11.18 g)
  • Fat (1.92 g)
  • Carbohydrate (66.82 g)


  • Vitamin B1 (0.37 mg)
  • B2 (0.17 mg)
  • B3 (1.34 mg)
  • B6 (0.05 mg)
  • Vitamin K (0.9 mcg)


  • Phosphorus (210 mg)
  • Calcium (364 mg)
  • Manganese (3.19 mg)
  • Iron (4.62 mg)
  • Zinc (2.53 mg)
  • Magnesium (146 mg)

Nutrition data source is Indian Food Composition Tables (IFCT)- 2017 National Nutrition Institute

Ragi flour is highly nutrition fixed and various vitamins and mineral composition in it makes it a perfect healthy snack for you.

Ragi flour benefits

Below are some powerful health benefits of ragi that is must to know-

Reduce diabetes

People suffering from diabetes should consider eating foods that will manage their condition better, ragi is one of the foods that you must consider to lower your diabetes levels.

High amount of fiber and polyphenols in ragi controls sugar best, people who eat regularly ragi will start getting its benefits.

Their blood glucose levels will not spike up and are in control. Ragi also slows down the digestion mechanism of the body results in a lowering of food absorption hence food takes a much longer time to get absorbed, you don’t feel to eat anything more your hunger will be in control.

Lower cancer risks

If you have suffered from cancer in past or if suffering now making good food choices is necessary. Ragi is good cancer-protective food.

It is known to reduce down different types of cancers including colon, breast, tongue, and oesophageal cancers.

The presence of antioxidants and phytochemicals and phenolic acids are the main reasons for killing of cells that cause cancer.

Ragi also contains Vitamin B17 also known as nitriloside which effects as a poison to only cancer cells.

Consider eating ragi for and say bye to cancer.

Anti-aging effects

It is very much concern among women most, they keep on searching of the ways for looking younger but how it is when you don’t have to spend money for expensive facials to look younger.

Ragi is very best known for protective skin it loses down the cross-linkage of collagen by this the extensive tension, stress, and stiffness in elastic tissue of skin and blood vessel gets released which aids in healthy skin and anti-aging effects.

Antioxidants in ragi also promote a healthier skin look by eliminating substances that damages it. Vitamin E found in ragi maintains the moisture content of the skin.

Protein benefits

Protein is always the top essential nutrient required for the overall body’s growth and development. Ragi is enriched with this nutrient that your body requires most, 100 g ragi contains 7.16 g of protein.

The main protein inside ragi is ‘Eleusinian’ its benefits are considered valuable for your health and it does have significant biological importance.

They get your body filled with energy because of carbs and strengthen all the organ tissues and muscles also prevent malnutrition.

Ragi is a beautiful healthful choice for any food lover it is recommended by nutritionists also.

Improves bone health and prevent osteoporosis

WHO also says that after cardiovascular diseases osteoporosis is the major health concern worldwide. In osteoporosis, your bone mass degrades and lost.

Ragi is known to cultivate bone density and improve bone’s development, the calcium present inside ragi is the reason behind this.

A 100 g ragi provides you with 364 mg of calcium that’s a huge amount your body is getting. If you compare the calcium amounts of ragi from other cereals you found 5 to 100 times more calcium in ragi.

You can also compare its calcium value with that of milk as milk is known as a widely used calcium source, a 100 g of milk contains 112 mg of calcium which is pretty much lower than ragi.

Consuming ragi is good for all aged people while older peoples experience more bone issues, it’s better to maintain a healthy bone diet at starting of your teenage.

Aids in weight loss

Ragi also helps if you want to have a healthy yet weight loss-friendly diet. It is packed with healthy dietary fibers for every 100 g consumption of ragi you get 11.18 g of fibers into your body.

With good fiber amounts, it will help in boosting up the metabolic rate which doesn’t hold much waste into your body and helps in easy weight loss.

It also helps in not spiking blood glucose which you get from eating food the slower absorption also makes you satisfied form food and you don’t hurry to take next meal.

An amino acid tryptophan is also found inside ragi that suppresses your unwanted hunger urges and makes you relax and promotes weight loss.

Digestive health

Digestive health can only be maintained when there is good digestion of food, and improper digestion and overeating puts a lot of load on your digestive tract it can’t handle the load much and get collapsed.

Remember when you feel to vomit or can’t hold regurgitation after overeating that is when your digestion gets disrupted. For curing and maintaining good gut health you will need to eat foods higher in fiber like ragi.

Ragi contains valuable fiber amounts these make accurate water used for digestion and which smoothes down waste excretion and removal from the body. You will feel easy when your digestive system is not loaded with much work.

So, keep adding fibers to your gut.

Prevent hair fall

Getting hair falling drop down from your head to floor or stucked between your fingers make your overall day worse.

The main reason behind this is less of nutritional supply to your hair you hairs are made of a protein named ‘Keratin’ and for thick hair, you will need to provide your hair will an essential nutrition supply.

Ragi as a dietary source provide you enough of protein, after eating 100 g of ragi your in return your body will get 7.16 g of protein.

This protein is a very important nutrient for hair health and for the prevention of hair fall. Increased blood supply to your scalp by ragi also prevents hair fall.

Mineral magnesium also presents in ragi that stops the unnatural hair from falling. Another factor that you may be suffering is discoloration of your hair reason behind this is the oxidation of tissues.

There are antioxidants present in ragi that help in tissue oxidation, they protect tissues from getting damage and prevent hair discoloration.

Lower tension

Ragi is also known to release down extra load to your brain, depression, insomnia, stress, and anxiety are all causes of tension and overloaded work to the brain.

Ragi contains an amino acid which I also discussed earlier ‘Tryptophan’ this amino acid also aids in the release down of excess pressure to the brain and treats symptoms of anxiety, stress, and insomnia, and helps you getting pleasant sleep.

Lower cardiovascular risks

Cardiovascular problems and diseases are the topmost cause of death of people worldwide. Raise in cardiovascular disease are due to increase levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, obesity, stress, and other issues.

Millets are known for the best to reduce the cardiovascular disease-causing factors, people who add millets as their regular dietary intake are found to be lesser at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases if compared to the people who don’t take millets.

Finger millet is well known to reduce down the causes that further lead to heart attack and stroke. Causes like reduction of blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the blood.

Because of this the body’s blood lipid profile is healthy and don’t show much fluctuations resulted to a good cardiovascular output.

Lactation benefits

After pregnancy women, the body is in a weak position and their body’s hormones get disabled and require more nutrients to get filled inside. The reason for this is that they have to provide healthy milk to their kids.

For your kid’s health, it is a must that you make enough milk that satisfies your kid’s hunger effectively. This best practice is to eat sprouted ragi in the mornings that will enhance milk production.

Ragi filled with iron and calcium benefits the disability of hormones in pregnant women and makes stable energy and hormonal levels in your body.

Black circles saw after pregnancy in women because they forget to take enough of nutrients because of this their hemoglobin levels drop down, ragi will stabilize your hemoglobin levels.


What happens when you eat Ragi everyday?

Consumption of ragi on regular basis may give several benefits to your body including stress relief, decrease insomnia, improve digestion, accelerate bone health, good hair benefits, and many more I discussed above. You can eat it daily by trying different variations of makings.

What is the benefits of ragi flour?

ragi flour is just a powdered form of ragi you will get numerous benefits when eating it. You can make chapatis, dosa, idli, etc, from ragi flour.
And it will progress your body strength and growth, improve milk production in lactating women, lowers down cancer risks, improve skin health, and other benefits explained well above.
Ragi is a good snack that gives you great vitamins and mineral value, don’t forget to add to your diet.

Can we eat Ragi at night?

Eating ragi as a dinner food will enhance your sleep quality, relaxing mood and make your insomnia less frequent. Tryptophan an amino acid known for doing all these health-promoting actions.

Which is better oats or Ragi?

Both are good according to their set nutrient criteria and you should include both of them in your diets. However the cultivation of oats is not much in India as compared to ragi, India is the leading producer of ragi. So, it becomes much cheaper and easy to get food.

I talk about nutrition both have different valuable vitamins and minerals, you must add both to your diet. The best thing is first to know your requirements of nutrition then check both nutrition profiles and add which one is most suitable to you.


If you are looking to know the most potent ragi flour benefits you are at the right place in the post above I describe well all the possible 11 benefits that your body has by eating ragi flour.

Benefits include increasing bone consistency, weight loss, improve hair growth, and many others. In terms of production, India is the most leading ragi producer country.

If you have any query or confusion please leave down it in comments.

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