Step-by-Step Guide to Onion Benefits Men, Women, Hair, Skin in 2021

Step-by-Step Guide to Onion Benefits Men, Women, Hair, Skin in 2021

Onion is the vegetable food found in everyone’s kitchen but not everyone knows about onion benefits and don’t think about this vegetable as it is too common and also used as a frying ingredient for different dishes.

If you are a mom or a child or anyone whose responsibility is to serve their family should know about onion benefits as these are not limited to only eating benefits of onion are more than that and can be used for various purposes.

I myself eat onion a lot and also know about its health benefits but for your better understanding I will break down every benefit of onion one by one.

Note that every piece of information I shared is based on scientific evidence and researches. However, for every individual, its advantages and disadvantages differ because of different body conditions so I advise you if you’re not a normal healthy individual consult your doctor first by trying anything.

List of onion benefits to health

onion benefits

Below are some of health advantages that you gain when eating onions.

Supports heart health

Onions contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components like quercetin which is present in larger amounts in it.

These compounds reduce down cholesterol levels, inflammation and also decrease triglycerides due to which your chances of heart disease also lowers.

Another compound like ‘allinase’ also present inside onions, remember you cry when cutting of onions? This is because of allinase compound which on cutting releases.

Reduce cancer risk

Onions are rich in antioxidants compounds that fight against cancer and don’t let them grow. The varieties of antioxidants total 25 different flavonoid antioxidants are present inside onions.

Cancer reducing abilities are because of sulfur and flavonoid antioxidant compounds.

Researchers also conduct different clinical studies to find out onion benefits and cancer prevention factors for that they tested onion effects of different body sites like breast, kidney, colon, esophagus, ovary, larynx, and mouth.

They found that if the onion is taken in normal amounts their benefit will show which reduced risk of ovary, colorectal and laryngeal cancer.

Control diabetes

You can control your diabetes if you add onions regularly to your diet. The onions contain sulfur compounds like myriad which don’t leave any chance of sugar jump in your blood, good in diabetic and pre-diabetic conditions.

Onions also have good fibers that keep your digestion strong and don’t let too much absorption of glucose immediately, suppresses unnecessary appetite and cravings hence manages diabetes.

Also, the flavonoid anti-oxidant quercetin gets included with the body’s blood sugar stimulation and regulation by meeting with respective cells in the pancreas, fat tissue, small intestine, and skeletal muscle.

Glow of skin

If you’re concerned about your skin’s glow and health you should try onions these vegetables are very beneficial in optimizing skin’s health and color.

Onion benefits skin by reducing down the possibilities of acne formation to the skin. Nutrients in onions like allicin, Vitamin C and B-6 helps in skin health enhancement.

Helps stronger bones

Most of the milk and milk products take the credit for improving bone’s health, it is not limited to only dairy products other foods also do well for bone’s health.

Onions are allicin-rich, a sulfur compound that makes your bone strong by improving collagen function. Collagen is present in the skin, bones and muscles work in keeping the body together by strengthening the structure.

Hip fractures in women can be reduced by eating onions, another compound that protects the bone and works as a shield to it is quercetin, its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties don’t let free radicals damage to bones. It also slows the bone cell degeneration ‘osteoporosis’.

Boost digestive health

Another onion benefit is that it aids in digestion, the onion contains good amounts of fiber and probiotics required for digestive health.

Prebiotics found in onions are inulin and fructooligosaccharides, these probiotics increase the amounts of required gut bacteria which ultimately enhances immunity and improve overall gut health.

Inulin is also worked for the nutrient absorption, regulation of sugar in the blood, increasing bone density, and preventing constipation possibilities.

Consumption of foods higher in prebiotics helps in elevating probiotics level, like bifidobacteria strains and Lactobacillus, that promotes digestive health.

Good for oral health

Onions are mostly avoided for their strong odor in the mouth because of this people don’t want to eat onions raw but do you know onions have antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits that reduce the risk of oral problems in the mouth.

You can try eating raw onions this will be good for your teeth’ health, the Vitamin C content in onions makes your gums and other soft tissues in the mouth stronger.

Vitamin C can reduce down loosening of teeth and also prevent gingivitis. Gingivitis is plaque buildup in the tooth that makes the tooth appear yellowish.

Improves sleep quality

If you have sleeping irregularities and if suffering from insomnia increase your onion intake as this vegetable promotes pleasant nights and enhances your sleeping quality.

Onion contains an amino acid named ‘L-tryptophan’ a reason behind the pleasant sleeping benefits of onion. This amino acid is a good inducer so deep sleep and actions a strong sedative agent.

Also onion will demotes down your stress levels make you calm and relaxed and triggers your mind to take sleep.

A study also shows that onion extracts containing higher amounts of cystenine sulfoxides reduce stress and improve sleep quality

Treats high blood pressure

Quercetin is an overall allrounder that also benefits in treating and controlling high blood pressure. Quercetin found majorly in onions, apples, and berries.

Quercetin as a flavonoid anti-oxidant lowers down the risks of stroke and coronary heart disease. Quercetin supplements also work best for the reduction of high blood pressure.

Treating Asthma

Onions are good airway cleaner for asthmatic patients, onions have anti-inflammatory properties which works well for cleaning airways. Raw onions are good for clearing the airway and improving breathing cycles.

Also, your respiratory problems occur by the dust and dirt in the surrounding environment which creates an allergic situation for your respiration. Onion as an anti-allergen also works well in this situation.

Studies and researches also suggest that onions flavonoid content induces good relaxation to the blocked trachea and it is an advantage for asthmatic patients.

Supportive food

Works best as a supprotive food in enhancing other foods abilities, if you have onions and tomatoes why not make them together?

It was found by researchers that the sulfur components of onions work well in lycopene absorption, lycopene is a strong antioxidant found in tomatoes.

Lycopene benefits in treating of cancer, eyes health, promoting heart health, good for bones, and brain health.

By this combination you’re getting added advantages of both essential nutrients in onion and tomato.

Onion benefits to eye

Onions and garlic contain sulfur compounds that aid in the release of glutathione, which is the main sulfur protein for the fitness of your eye lens.

Some other eye conditions like conjunctivitis are also a major concern, researchers say that 6 million people in the united states suffer from acute conjunctivitis every year.

The protein damage of the eye by free radicals is the reason for this eye condition, compound like selenium found inside onions helps in Vitamin E release, which works as an antioxidant and blocks the effects of these free radicals and protects the eye.

Reduce down menopausal symptoms

Women do have to suffer from the menopausal symptoms, a good dietary choice and food intake can reduce down symptoms.

At menopause women are advised to take calcium supplements, onion helps the liver in eliminating waste hormones, onions contain calcium eating raw onion is good in easing down symptoms.

Onion benefits to hair

It is a great practice done by many people applying onions to their hair and scalp, it is because onion juice contains sulfur content that is great for the thickening of hair and for providing strength.

It also promotes hair growth, when onion juice is applied to the scalp it regulates more blood flow to hair follicles. These reasons for hair growth.

Raw onion or cooked?

After reading all the main benefits of onion you are probably thinking that whether to eat an onion raw or cooked and which is more beneficial for your body?

For making it more clear for you i am differentiating between the nutrient profile of both raw and cooked onions.

raw and cooked onion benefits

Comparison of Raw onion vs cooked onion

Calories (40)Calories (258)
Fat (0.1 g)Fat (14 g)
Protein (1.1 g)Protein (3.2 g)
Carbohydrates (9 g)Carbohydrates (31 g)
Fiber (1.7 g)Fiber (1.8 g)
Vitamin B-6 (5 %)Vitamin B-6 (5 %)
Vitamin C (12 %)Vitamin C (7 %)
Calcium (2 %)Calcium (4 %)
Iron (1 %)Iron (4 %)
Magnesium (2 %)Magnesium (3 %)

In the above comparison, you can see the nutrition profile of raw onions and cooked or fried onions.

You can choose to eat onion according to what your body needs there is a slight difference between both of the onions.

If you’re more conscious about your weight choose eating more of raw onions as they are lesser in calories and fats.

And if you want to gain other benefits from onion you can choose accordingly.

Onion benefits to men

Increase testosterone levels

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone and males are in search of increasing the levels of it naturally. If you want to increase testosterone levels eat onions more.

Onions release more of the luteinizing hormone increase in levels of these hormones will stimulates the testosterone production.

The more evidences are needed for testing onion effects in testosterone production.

Managing adenoma (tumor of gladular epithelial tissue)

Eating onion reduces down adenoma in men, adenoma is a tumor in glandular epithelial tissues, organs that affect are prostate, thyroid, adrenal glands, pituitary glands, etc.

Onions are antioxidants rich and contain many other compounds that are very effective stoppers of growing tumor cells. These diseases occur mostly in men’s so eating onion will be good in reducing the occurrence of disease.

Onion benefits to women

Women don’t like to eat onions because of their false odor and bad smell but it’s not their fault they are still unaware of the onion benefits.

Ease down menopause

I already talked about how onion helps in relieving menopausal symptoms, women who suffer from menopausal symptoms like night sweats, urinary tract infections and hot flashes, headaches, stiffness and pain in joints, vaginal dryness, irregularities in sleeping, etc. can be eased down by including onions to diet.

Prevent aging

Women’s are also very conscious about aging they keep trying on different cosmetics to stop their age but that in real didn’t work.

You need to improve your eating habits and include foods that are good for your skin and overall body health. Onion adds up good advantages to you it is enriched with many vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E.

In combination all these vitamins reduce down premature aging and kills free radicals and protects skin from any other skin damage.

How onion benefits in summer?

onion benefits in summer

Do you have season related doubts? let’s clear those.

Skin breakings and rashes

Eating raw onions in the summer season is a great remedy for your skin breakings and rashes. Onion is naturally composed of quercetin which also shows anti-histaminic properties.

Because of too much heat skin rashes appears and it will break out and it is because of histamine present inside your body. Onion’s anti-histaminic effect helps in treating this.

Prevent disease

In summer seasons many of the insect-inducing diseases seen can be reduced by using onions, onions spike up the immunity of the body and make it strong to fight various diseases.

Eat onions on a regular basis make them a part of your diet. Its not something you eat one day and expect for getting benefits.

What should be the best time to eat onions?

Don’t think too much in this onion benefits your health whether you eat it in mornings, afternoons and at night its effect is same but you will feel different according to your environment and situation.

Onion benefits in morning

In the morning time onions will keep your energetic fibers and digestion favoring bacteria in the gut is increased that will helps in maintaining energy levels you will work longer and your mornings will be recharging.

Onion benefits in afternoon

In the afternoon time mostly the weather is hot and if you’re out and exposed to the sunlight you will get easily exhausted onion helps in making the environment inside the body cool.

Onion benefits in night

Onions are better sleep promotors so you can expect a pleasent sleep at night.

Disadvantages of onions

You have read about the onion benefits now move your eyeballs to their disadvantages. There are not many severe side effects but you should always be in check.

  • The first disadvantage of onions is sometimes caused stomach pain and distress.
  • When applied to the skin sometimes it shows irritation on skin and eczema.

Bleeding disorder

If you’re with bleeding disorder be aware to not use onion or onion extract medicine that will make your condition worse, onion makes the blood clotting slow hence increases the bleeding risk.


If you’re a diabetic its important to be very concerned about your diet and take foods that favors your conditions.

Onion intake as a medicine can decrease down the blood sugars, keep your blood sugar in check in this case.


Not occurs to all but some peoples are allergic to celery and mugwort, possibly they are also allergic to onions.

So, be careful when using onion medicine products it better to not use at all, take advice from your health care professional.

So these are some of the disadvantages you should be aware of.


What happens when you eat onions everyday?

Onions are rich with many health-promoting nutrients like various vitamins and minerals, packed with antioxidants, fiber, sulfur compounds that really put you on the healthy side. You can eat raw onions as well as choose according to your health preferences.

Some onion benefits you will get when eating on regular basis are-
Good digestion
Improved heart health
Hair benefits
Boost testosterone in men
Ease down menopausal symptoms in women
Benefits eye
In asthma

What are the disadvantages of onion?

Onions don’t contain any disadvantage if taken by mouth however onion medications sometimes cause side effects to the people who are allergic and stomach pain and discomfort are some symptoms of it.

What can onions cure?

Onions can treat many disease conditions in your body like antioxidants kills free radical, sulfur components in it most commonly quercetin adds many advantages like controlling diabetes, improving eye health, etc.

Why are onions bad for you?

Onions are not bad if eaten by mouth however if taken medicinal amounts of onion it may show some side effects. People whose body doesn’t feel comfortable with onion medications should prefer to avoid it.


In the above article, I described in detail about onion benefits to health and how it is good for the overall body, I take into account every possible benefit you can get from it.

I discussed nearly 14 onion benefits and also talk about men’s and women’s advantages, disadvantages of onion and some other stuff you surely like.

Do comment down if you’re not sure about anything and also remember don’t use or eat onion in medicine amounts without knowing about your body and without guidance from your doctor.

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