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Ridiculously Useful (Makhana Nutrition, Benefits, Side Effects & Nature)

Makhanas are very well-known healthy snacks that are eaten by many, however, the purpose of everyone is different. Sometimes the intent is to get makhana nutrition, other times it is eaten as a fast day snack energy source.

So there are so many different uses of makhana in every person’s life and it depends on the need of a person, makhana’s are also called lotus seeds and foxnuts in English, so don’t get confused btw.

In the below article you will get to know the potential benefits of eating makhana some side effects etc.

(Foxnut) Makhana nutrition value

Protein9.7 g
Fiber14.5 g
Fat0.1 g
Carbohydrates77 g
Iron1.4 mg
Calcium60 mg

These are some nutritional components that are found inside makhana, you can easily evaluate and check if they are fulfilling your needs or not.

Apart from this nutrition the makhana also has several health benefits. I will discuss the benefits with you get ready to dive into each of them.

Makhana Benefits to health

There are numerous of health benefits, these are discussed below-

Control sugar levels

If you already have irregularity in your blood sugar levels that may take you closer to diabetes, you should consider eating foods that don’t spike sugar in the blood.

One of the low glycaemic foods is makhana, which doesn’t jump your blood sugar and stabilize it. Makhana is lower in a glycemic index than other foods like bread, rice, etc.

For diabetics less sodium and more magnesium foods are goods that is same with makhana.

Several studies on makhana are also done with animals, In one experiment the diabetic rats are taken and they are given the supplements containing makhana extracts, results show improvement in blood sugar level.

Make bone strong

A very well-known nutrient that is a must for keeping the bones of your body healthy is calcium. The amounts of calcium in makhana are great and it very well supports bone growth.

Not only with bone growth but is good for your oral health (teeth), also recommended food for patients suffering osteoporosis and joint problems.

The natural compound in makhana or foxnut is kaempferol which is a very good anti-inflammatory agent and reduces down any joint inflammations.

Aids in weight loss

Overweight and obesity is very common issue nowadays, but their health consequences are much more dangerous than you think.

Better is to take a diet that is weight friendly and protect yourself from future life-threatening disorders. For the diet, choice makhana is the best option you can take.

The weight loss is not by any specific compound in makhana but it is a combined effect of all components of makhana.

Helps sleep better

Do you often feel sleeping difficulties? or if you are suffering from insomnia you must take care of your food choices at night.

Makhana is rich with mind relaxing properties which reduce down your all over day stress that may keeping you awake at nights.

Also if you are suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia eating foods like makhana on a continue basis will improve the specific chemicals responsible for a good sleep.

Take a handful of makhana daily to enhance sleeping quality.

Healthy for heart

If you’re a diabetic and a woman also chances of heart disease occurrence will be much in you, makhana is well known as a blood sugar regulator and the magnesium content of makhana also give benefit in heart disease.

The human trial are not done to evalute this but on animals study there are some scientific researches that prove improvement in heart health in animals.

The two different studies are there, In the first study the diabetic rats are taken and given with makhana extracts, the observations show improved triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Another study shows the heart-protecting effects of makhana extract against free radicals.

Support digestion

Eating food is not the problem but eating right and digesting may be a problem for many people. As they can’t make good choices it is because they don’t know about such foods.

If taken into account the makhana nutrition you will know that it is filled with many health-promoting nutrients one of them is fiber which is abundantly present in makhana.

The fibres are the single most effective nutrient when it comes to take care of your gut health, it is a high digestion promoter, regulate the bowl movements and maintain overall digestive system.

Grow muscles

Do you know why athletes like to eat makhana and also prefer everyone to eat this? It’s simply because of its protein content which is very most important for the growth of muscles.

Don’t think that who’s going to eat makhana if there are so many other protein choices like fish, chicken breast, etc. These all are non-veg foods butt makhana is a vegetarian’s preferred choice.

The people who are not comfortable with a non-veg diet eat makhana as they will get 9.7 g per 100 g of makhana which fulfills more than 14 % daily protein requirement.

Good for hair & skin

Don’t you know it yet? Makhana is a reservoir of various nutrients that will aid in improving health of your hair and skin.

A compound which i discussed earlier ‘kaempferol’ which improves your bones and found in makhana also protect the hair scalp and skin damage of free radicals.

The anti-wrinkling and clearance of skin tone are promoted by kaempferol which also progresses anti-aging. Makhana also has good deposited amounts of amino acids.

These are not normal but special amino acids that produce anti aging effects, amino acids like cysteine, methionine, argenine, glutamine are found in makhana.

Creatine is also advantages when you want anti aging of your skin this can be fullfilled by argenine and methionine, and glutamine is important for skin elasticity and moisture availability.

Makhana side effects

Makhana is known for its nutrition and good energy abilities with holding many other components benefits altogether.

There sometimes occur when makhana cause some discomfort or uneasyness to you these are some signs that you are observing side effects of makhana.

There is no scientific proof stating side effects of makhana. However too much of anything even if it is good can cause harm to your body.

As a side effects you may feel your digestion disrupted, allergic condition, constipation, gastrointestinal issues, increase in insulin levels, feeling of bloating are some experiences when you too much consume makhana.


Some people are allergic to foxnut seeds. Do notice and take care of your body if you feel uncomfortable or some allergic condition after eating makhana seeds. Check out to a health care professional and describe your issue and have a clear understanding of your body.

Blood sugar

People do eat makhana for slowing down their rising blood sugar levels and it does make a difference. But when you are already taking some medications and treatment for diabetes it is always better to take advice from your doctor.

Gut issues

Gut issues are main when there is too much intake of makhana seeds. People may experience constipation, bloating, etc. People who are concerned about their gut health or are feeling some irregular movements in their stomach should not try something that makes it worse.

Anti arrhythmic

Antiarrhythmics are the agents that help to control and stabilize and maintain heartbeats. Makhana also works as antiarrhythmic and maintains heart rate. However, you have to take advice if you are already taking some therapies or treatments for arrhythmia.

Makhana is hot or cold in nature?

Yeah, I know you have this question revolving in your mind and I do understand the depth of this question. You may have tried many eatables and food items.

There may be chances that these are healthy but still, you faced some issues that may be vomit, digestion, or gut issues and it is because of the body type you have.

Every people have a different body type and their body suits foods accordingly, let me explain to you with an example like if your body loves to eat hot nature foods ( this basically means the potency of food is hot when it goes inside your body) it will not affect if you eat hot foods in a little excess also.

On the other side, if your body loves cold nature foods (whose potency is cool inside the body), you can eat more cold foods without having any difficulty and health problems.

So, now the question is makhana is hot or cold in nature? According to Ayurveda, the makhana is a sweet food that has a cold potency of nature.

And because of this nature it is used to balance and nutralize vata and pitta dosha (digestion and metabolism difficulties).


Is Makhana good for health?

You should not be a bit confused about this, makhana is a nutrient reservoir that contains many different nutrition varieties like protein, fibers, antioxidants, and many other compounds, amino acids that makes your overall body healthy and free from diseases.

How much Makhana can I eat in a day?

A 2,3 handful of makhana can be taken and eaten daily it may contain 4 g of protein in 50 g of makhana that fulfills at least 4 % of your daily protein requirements.

Can we eat Makhana everyday?

Yes, a 2,3 handful of makhana approx to 50 grams can be eaten daily. Even when you regularly take makhana it will show benefits like anti-aging, pleasant sleep, good digestion, antioxidants in makhana helps protect your skin, hair, and body against free radical damage, etc.

Can we eat Makhana at night?

Definitely, you can eat makhana at night also it will make your sleep easy and better. Also, help people with sleeping disorders like insomnia.


People do love eating makhana or fox nuts but are usually not aware of what benefits they will get and about the nutrition of foxnuts. I have completely elaborated and well explained the possible benefits, nutrition, and side effects of makhana.

Anyone can include makhana in their diet and can eat 2.3 handfuls of makhana daily. Do notice if you have an allergy, diabetes and some other likewise issues you should consult with your doctor first then try makhana.