15 Ultimate Inspirational Quotes from Nutrition Experts

15 Ultimate Inspirational Quotes from Nutrition Experts

A big revolution and awareness of food nutrition among the people have started when these nutritionists, dietitians, physicians, etc. start to take charge of spreading wellness and health awareness among people of different ages across the globe.

These influencers in their area of expertise in food nutrition start influencing people with their deep understanding of nutritional benefits and drawbacks of food by which people more often suffer and this is because they are lacking in understanding of food nutritional effects to the body.

So, In this article Nutrition Mint is sharing some of the inspirational thoughts and quotes of food nutrition experts that do well in inspiring people. The quotes which are shared is of the successful peoples who are holding positions of founder and CEO of their companies or may have some other expertise qualification in nutrition.

Epic List of Ultimate Inspirational Quotes from Nutrition Experts

#1 “We don’t need to cure hunger- we know how to solve hunger- it’s food, it’s nutrition, and it is really a question of access.”

Lauren Bush, Founder and CEO of FEED

#2 “We struggle with eating healthily, obesity, and access to good nutrition for everyone. But we have a great opportunity to get on the right side of this battle by beginning to think differently about the way that we eat and the way that we approach food.”

Marcus Samuelsson, Ethiopian Swedish chef and restaurateur, head chef of Red Rooster

#3 “Popeye was right about spinach: dark green, leafy vegetables are the healthiest food on the planet. As whole foods go, they offer the most nutrition per calorie.”

Michael Greger, American physician, Clinical nutrition

#4 “If people want to believe that organic food has better nutritive value, it’s up to them to make that foolish decision. But there is absolutely no research that shows that organic foods provide better nutrition.”

Norman Borlaug, American Agronomist

#5 “It’s all about nutrition. You can train, train, train all you want but i always say you can’t outtrain a bad diet.”

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

#6 “Chronic malnutrition, or the lack of proper nutrition over time directly contributes to three times as many child deaths as food scarcity. Yet surprisingly, you don’t really hear about this hidden crisis through the morning news, Twitter, or headlines of major newspapers.”

Cat Cora, American professional chef

#7 “You cannot achieve environmental security and human development without addressing the basic issues of health and nutrition.”

Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of the World Health Organization (1998-2003)

#8 “I do practice what i preach when it comes to nutrition.”

Mehmet Oz, Doctor (Cardiothoracic surgeon)

#9 “Developing a diet that is healthful, balanced, and appropriate for your particular caloric needs is easy enough and is absolutely critical to establishing a healthful lifestyle that incorporates proper nutrition, adequate fitness, and mental resilience.”

Daphne Oz, American nutrition author

#10 “There are environmental threats to health; there are internal threats to health – genetic conditions, viral threats, diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s. And then there are societal and global ones, like poverty and lack of nutrition. And unknown viral threats – everything from a new kind of influenza to hemorrhagic fever.”

Bill Maris, Founder and first CEO of Google Ventures, creator of Google’s Calico project, a company focused on genetic basis of aging.

#11 “To be a nutritionist in France, you must be a doctor, seven years studies, and then three more years in nutrition.”

Pierre Dukan, French former nutritionist, creator of fad diet

#12 “I learned how to cook, began reading books on food. I began to understand about nutrition. It never had occurred to me that what you ate could affect how you felt. It could affect your health. It seems obvious now, but at age 23 or 22 or whatever I was, it wasn’t obvious at all.”

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market

#13 “I did this book ‘Harvest for Hope,’ and I learned so much about food. And one thing I learned is that we have the guts not of a carnivore, but of an herbivore. Herbivore guts are very long because they have to get the last bit of nutrition out of leaves and things.”

Jane Goodall, English primatologist and anthropologist

#14 “I believe that ‘Food is a giver.’ It gives you nutrition, health, and at times can give you recognition, like it did in my case, and you got to treat it with that kind of respect.”

Ranveer Brar, Indian celebrity chef, TV show judge, food stylist

#15 “If we are going to change our diets, we first have to relearn the art of eating, which is a question of psychology as much as nutrition. We have to find a way to want to eat what’s good for us.”

Bee Wilson, British food writer, author of 7 books on food related subjects

Key Takeaways

  • Always listen to what a nutrition expert said.
  • Follow good nutrition dieting plans.
  • Make nutritional habits as a lifestyle not something to be done forcefully.
  • Take proper knowledge of nutrition profile of food you’re consuming.
  • Develop a diet according to calorie needs of your body.
  • Keep practicing nutritional habits.


A well balanced nutritional diet is necessary to get what desired, it doesn’t come easy but surely come one day if putting consistent work on good dieting habits. In this article 15 best nutritional quotes are taken from the experts this is all for the inpiration and motivation of the people who are in need of it.

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