This is Why Green Bean Nutrition Facts are So Famous!

This is Why Green Bean Nutrition Facts are So Famous!

Do you know about green bean nutrition facts? How it is possible that you still are not aware of the fact that how much green beans are nutritious to our health? this is probably because no one usually talks about it or very fewer people add it to the diet, but still, because of all this, it holds its position among the recommendable vegetables that benefit our health. This all is because of its nutrition-rich profile which makes green beans so famous!

Let’s explore green bean nutrition!

Nutrition Value of Green Beans per100 gm
Sodium6 mg
Potassium209 mg
Total Carbohydrate7 g
Total Fat0.1 g
Protein1.8 g
Dietary Fibre3.4 g
Vitamin A2 g
Vitamin B65 g
Vitamin C27 g
Calcium3 g
Magnesium6 g
Iron5 g

So, now you get a summarized data about the nutrition-rich profile of green beans and you’re now aware of the nutrition which green beans provide to our body. For a better understanding, you have to explore more green beans nutrition facts that affect your body in a good and bad way both.

As it is found in many studies that eating green vegetables or including them to your diet are not something that anyone should forgot. Green beans should also be included in your diet as it guarantee potential health benefits.

green bean nutrition facts

Green Bean Nutrition Facts

Some nutritional health benefits that green bean triggers in your body.

Risk of Obesity

When high amounts of fat get accumulated in your body it makes it vulnerable to obesity problems. And obesity is not something that should be ignored as if it will lead to the promotion of a group of new health diseases – high blood pressure, diabetes, Cancers, and other heart-related problems.

Green beans contain elevated quantities of soluble fiber inside them that when get inside our body enhance the solubilization of food which we intake and also faster rate of metabolism in our body. Hence, stopping unnecessary calorie accumulation and melting down fat which results later in obesity problems.

Risk of Diabetes

When sugar in your blood is elevated abnormally you cannot resist the fact that diabetes is the next challenge for you. Normally, the hormone insulin which is present inside our body is responsible for maintenance and regulation of diabetes.

When this hormone level dis-balances due to causes like if the body itself is not capable of producing insulin or it doesn’t make perfect use of insulin can lead to people suffering from diabetes problems.

As you know green bean are high in fibre amounts, so when you intake foods containing high sugars which could elevate your blood sugar measure taking green bean will stop that rapid sugar dilution in blood.

Fiber present inside green beans slows down the overall digestion process which maintains blood sugar levels and extends them for a longer duration.

population affected by diabetes

The above data stats shows the number of population which is suffering form diabetes in United states and India.

Risk of Heart disease

Mostly the teenagers don’t care about heart problems or other health-related problems. Lack of knowledge or bad lifestyle practices pushes them more to get heart-related diseases.

When it comes to the leading cause of death the heart diseases will be something to worry about. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, heart disease is the supreme cause of death among all age groups in the United States.

It says in every course of 36 seconds in United states one person leave his life due to heart disease.

every year approximately 655,000 Americans leave their life due to heart disease.

Green beans which are known for their amazing nutrition facts can also help people in reducing the risk of heart-related problems, soluble fiber plays a crucial role in lowering down the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) in the body, LDL is also known for bad cholesterol, controls blood pressure and work as a support to other heart problems also.

Increase in Energy Levels

Having a good amount of energy for doing daily work activities is really important as you don’t want to take frequent breaks because of easily getting tired when you’re focused to do some work.

But if you’re taking that regular diet without enough nutrition how can you work full of your potential. The simple solution is to take enough or more of the nutrition which is required for your daily activities. How much will depend on your work and activities every person has a different rate of energy requirements.

A common calorie intake for men is 2,500 and that of women is 2,000.

Green beans are beneficial when you add them in your plate because of the carbs, proteins and fibers which are enhanced in green beans will also enhances their levels in your body.

A combination of these three nutritions will delay your energy consumption carbs will give you sufficient energy, proteins will help in good metabolism and fibers, at last, slower down digestive processes. Which will make your body work for long hours.

Green Beans Diet Make-Up

So, now you got to know all green bean nutrition facts, doesn’t a question in your mind arises how to make it and get more nutrition from it? What is the perfect diet which I should follow? and many like these questions will take up your brain space.

But here we have solution for all your constantly running thoughts.

green bean nutrition facts

Cleaning and Cutting of Green Beans-

First, wash out green beans with water to remove any dust on the surface.
Then cut all upper and lower ends of green beans in the way that it will take off both side coverings with them.
Now, cut them horizontally into small pieces so that one bean can be divided into 2,3 pieces.
Remove any dried or spotted part of green beans with a knife.
Now, your beans are ready to go.

Some Recipe Ideas of Green Beans-

Now, when you have your sliced green beans the time is to find which recipe idea suits you and your kitchen ingredients. I will not share the recipes in detail as the aim of this article is to make you aware by the nutrition facts of green beans only.

Garlic Green Beans with Parmesan-

If you want your tongue to filled with water with this delicious garlic green bean with parmesan recipe you should really try it. It is made with olive oil and crispy parmesan cheese which makes it mouth-watering and the crispier crunch is just amazing. See full recipe

Buttery Garlic Green Beans-

You know how butter melts you when you take it with toast. Now try a combo with green beans, garlic, and other spices it will make your dinner wonderful and you will sleep pleasantly. See full recipe

Simple Skillet Green Beans-

Oh! you want to know the simple green bean dish, try this simple skillet green beans. If you’re having mood to eat simple and healthy dish you should try this one. See full recipe

Easy Garlic Lemon Green Beans Recipe-

Hmm.. you are in the mood to try lemon and garlic flavor with it. Yes, it will taste wonderful when added to green beans, You will get your perfect side dish now. See full recipe

There are so many different variations which you can try to make green beans and also get benefitted from its nutrition-rich profile fulfilled with nutrient-rich ingredients. Among all variations, the best mixes are discussed above add them into your diet.

Risk Conditions

However, Green beans reduce health risk conditions but sometimes the circumstances are different it’s not about green beans but the person who is taking them. For the normal person who is free from any disease or is not taking any medications green beans are good for them.

But, the person who is associated with taking regular medications because of some health condition should not take green beans without knowing all about the condition and medication, and associated risk.

Because when the green bean is mixed with the compounds by which your medicine is composed of it can show some undesirable results.

risk of green beans

Raw Green Beans Effect

As much as it is considered if you eat raw green beans is considerably lower amounts it’s ok but when you take it in larger amounts in raw form it can induce toxic conditions inside your body. Which further results in digestive problems.

Green beans consist of large lectin amounts which disturb the digestion functionality in our body. Our body is not capable to digest lectin so it binds to cell membrane receptors and causes other metabolism errors.

The phytic acid component of the green bean is also a problem that binds with the mineral compounds inside our body stopping their absorption in the body. Cooking green beans will overcome this lectin and phytic acid because lectin amounts get reduced when beans are cooked.

So, the people who are already lower in mineral amounts should consider knowing properly or consult a health professional when consuming green beans.

In Heart Conditions

People who had developed heart-related problems should also consider taking green beans only after if it is advised by any health care professional. Because in heart conditions people tend to take medicines which lower the blood density.

Some blood-thinning medicines including antiplatelet drugs like- aspirin, dipyridamole, and anticoagulant drugs like- warfarin, heparin are taken by the people. At these stages, the person should not deviate food intake especially of the Vitamin K containing food because it plays a vital role in blood clotting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to eat green beans everyday?

the body needed good cholesterol every day but if this limit of 300 mg per day is exceeded it starts causing the problem to health. Problems related to the heart occurs fat got deposited into the narrow arteries and causing a blockage that reduces blood flow. So, you have to take food that contains lower than the normal limit of cholesterol. Choose the amount of bean that doesn’t exceed the limit of 300 mg.

Do green beans make you fart?

Green beans consist of high raffinose amounts which are complex sugar. For which our digestive system struggles to convert it into its metabolites. High Fiber intake from green beans can also be the reason you fart because it also causes a high expansion of gases.

Are green beans good for your liver?

Check the nutrition profile of green beans, it is loaded with high fiber amounts which makes it’s easy for your stomach to digest food and further metabolism made easy. So, eating green beans will indirectly improve your liver health also. Because your liver has to work less now.

Do green beans cause inflammation?

People claim that green beans cause inflammation to them this is because of the compound lectin, which stops mineral absorption and disrupts metabolism. But if green beans are cooked well most of these things wouldn’t occur. It may be a cause when people don’t follow the correct method to intake eatables.


So, in this article you got to know about amazing nutritious profile of green beans. The amazing health benefits that nutritious bean causes, some people who are suffering from health issues shouldn’t intake Vitamin K containing food and much more information is shared.

Hope you enjoyed reading and get to know some good things about green beans don’t forget to add them to your diet. Do let me know in the comments if you have any queries or suggestions.

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