7+1 Scientific Research Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss In Next 30 Seconds

7+1 Scientific Research Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss In Next 30 Seconds

Weight loss is your main priority when you are suffering from overweight issues. Because you don’t always like to consult doctors for different treatments and medications.

Doctors often resist you from eating foods of your choice and you still follow because you don’t have any other options. And also doctor suggests everything to favor you and to save you from more severe conditions.

If you know about me I am also at that stage of you at times of my school, those are days of my 10th to 12th class when my body is overweight to about 80 kgs and it’s was a very bizarre experience to be such heavy.

I know one incident of my life I want to share with you is I am going to have a ride on a bike while sitting on the backside of my friend’s bike, we both stopped at some point to buy some snacks.

And what happened now is just so funny, my friend stopped his bike for parking and leave his driving position and I just keep on sitting and suddenly the front of the bike jumps in the air and then dropped this whole process takes seconds only and we thought what! what just happened and then we both understand that it was because of my too much weight that makes the bike’s backside too heavy and it pulls the front of it in the air.

After this incident, I realized that it was time to make my health a priority and I started to take care of my dieting habits and become the very choice of what should I eat and what shouldn’t. Although knowing foods which help in weight loss is good but which foods should be avoided are to be known first.

List of Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

At that time I avoided such foods that really helped me to shed my weight to approx. 12 kgs. In the article below I am sharing foods that you also avoid to see better results of your weight loss plans.

#1 Oil Cooked Foods

foods made with soybean oils are avoided

By oil cooked it doesn’t mean you have to rely on boil eating only. I want you to understand that it’s about the oil which you are using for preparing daily dishes of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Some oils you can consider as good for cooking are olive and coconut oils and others that should be avoided are vegetable oils that are higher in omega-6 contents, soybean, sunflower, and peanut oils are some of the examples you should consider avoiding.

Also, the practice of using repeatedly heating edible oil should be stopped immediately. This repetitive heating of edible oils results in the generation of free radicals that induce oxidative stress to cellular and molecular levels of the body This practice will take you more closer to dangerous health issues.

A study was done with Wister rats they are experimented with and given repetitive heating oil about 3 times and observations show the damage in the jejunum, liver, and colon areas. It proves that repetitive heating of cooking oil generates free radicals that are harmful ingredients to health.

#2 Fast Foods

If you’re planning to weight lose without decreasing intake of fast food do you really think it will work?

In my days I also don’t stop in starting and this is what makes me learn why it is important to stop fast food consumption if you really want to see results.

Do you really think the fast food makers really opens a new bottle of oil for every time they serve to the customer?

Of course not and this is what we have talked earlier repeated cooking oil will be no more than a harmful ingredient of our foods.

Apart from this fast foods are also highly bulk up with sugar and fats. Tras fat is present in these foods, they make your LDL (bad cholesterol) higher and HDL (good cholesterol) lower further results in cholesterol clot in the arteries and increases your percentage to get a heart attack and other related cardiovascular disorders. Foods like french fries and chicken nuggets are higher in trans fat.

Other is the high sugar amounts in fast foods which makes them next to impossible to ignore these added sugar majorly adds up calories to the body, which is obviously not your weight loss goal. Foods like Baskin robbin’s banana split and Burger king’s oreo shake are high in sugar.

According to the World Health Organization, the maximum daily amount of sugar consumed should be less than 10% of your daily caloric intake. And that also must be reduced to half 5 % or approx 25 grams.

#3 Alcoholic Drinks

High alcohol causes various health problems among them an increase in weight and then obesity, high blood pressure is the commonest problem that most individuals suffer.

Alcohols affect the body in different ways that lead to an increase in weight like it cause the individual to eat more and more after having a drink, it slows down the body’s fat-burning mechanism, the peoples who drink alcohol are seem to make bad food eating decisions.

It’s a fact that 1 gram of alcohol provides 7.1 kcal and studies demonstrate that this energy intake is different from dietary intake and more energy from alcohol leads to more eating and ultimately weight gain.

Don’t look to the alcoholic beverages if you’re progressing towards your weight loss goals.

#4 Avoid Baked Foods

baked foods to avoid for weight loss

Baked foods are not good and it’s better to be away from these foods when you have a weight loss image of your’s is in your mind.

Baked foods like cakes, pastries, cookies, egg pie, restaurant bread, etc. are higher in sugar, calories, and trans fat. Sugar like glucose, fructose, galactose is found in baked foods.

The presence of these sugars will increase the blood sugar level and bulk up the fat mass in your body and you will be more prone to diabetes and obesity risks.

It is also not limited, a study shows that intake of fructose in your diet will make your body addicted to it and you crave more to eat baked foods. More addiction, more eating, more overweight.

And the trans fats founds in baked foods are culprits for obesity problems.

In a study, adult male mice are fed 4 different diets for five months. One of the diets among the four is a high trans-fat diet and the results also support that a trans fat diet is a reason for obesity issues.

#5 Avoid White Flour

Avoid the foods containing white flour, sugar and starch these type of foods can be worse foods for your weight loss goals.

These foods stick down the digestion process and disrupt your digestion if taken in higher amounts. Will skyrocket your sugar levels in the blood because of faster breakdown.

Example of white flour foods are- pasta, pizza, burger, bread, momos etc.

#6 Low fat Ice Cream

Get excited by the word low fat? is it really lower in fat think again you may enjoy eating low-fat ice cream and thinking of like it’s of low fat so it’s never gonna affect my health. Right!

No, it’s not true while eating low-fat ice creams it is important to move your eyeballs to the label of it. Although low-fat ice cream is considered a balanced diet food. Sometimes it is not just as it has to be so it’s better to be in check.

#7 Avoid Protein Bars

protein bars are foods to avoid for weight loss

Protein bars are the healthiest and nutritious snack often loved by many people and their nutrition profile includes various vitamins, iron, potassium, proteins, and other nutrition also.

They are always good if you’re gaining nutrition from these bars but the companies also manufacture low nutrition and unhealthy protein bars which are higher in sugar and added flavour, fructose etc.

This leaves a big impact on your overall health, more consumption of these low-quality protein bars will push you closer to liver fat, diabetes, obesity.

A study done on fructose in comparison with other sugar like glucose found that fructose is responsible for insulin resistance including obesity, overweight, and other issues also.

#8 Trail Mix

Trail mix is a snack, mixture of nuts, candies, granola, and dry fruits. Trail mix is a healthy mixture but when you’re focusing on lower weight goals you have to skip this diet or can consume it in amounts that you can easily burn the calories you gain from them.

Because the trail mix is also the high-calorie mixtures in smaller quantities so it’s important to melt the calories which you’re intaking or it’s better if you will lower the consumption.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I avoid eating to lose belly fat?

You should consider eating lower caloric and sugary foods or consume calories only in the amounts that you can easily burn.

Best Foods to Avoid for Weight loss are-
1. Oil cooked foods
2. Fast food.
3. Avoid white flour foods.
4. Less trail mix consumption.
5. Avoid alcohol
6. Avoid baked foods
7. Avoid low-fat ice creams
8. Avoid low quality protein bars

How can I reduce my tummy in 7 days?

The best way to cut down your stomach fat is to change your dieting habits that impact hugely on your body even diet is more important than any workout you do.

There are some foods you should never or lower consume if you’re on your weight loss goals-
1. high caloric foods.
2. high sugary foods.
3. Baked foods should be avoided.
4. Lower the alcoholic drinks

Avoiding such bad foods will impact more on your tummy fat and you will see results in 4,5 days of adopting such good habits.

How can I get a flat stomach in 2 days?

Your stomach is fat because it is filled with some unwanted contents that should not be there. These unwanted contents are excess sugar and calorie deposition which is because you are consuming bad foods which worsen your condition.

So, here are some foods you consider to avoid for getting frequent results-
1. Lessen Fast foods
2. Don’t buy processed foods.
3. White flour foods like bread, pasta, pizza should be avoided.
4. Avoid baked foods, desserts.
5. Consider cooking foods in good oils.
6. Don’t cook foods with the oils that used before.

How can I reduce my tummy without exercise?

You can reduce your stomach and overall body fat easily even without doing an effort of workout and exercise.

This can be done by eliminating some foods that are big roadblocks for your fitness journey.

Some of the food to avoid are-
1. Ice creams are higher in sugar and calories.
2. Foods that are ready-made available outside like processed foods, baked foods, fast foods should be immediately un-followed.
3. Avoid burgers, momos, and foods high in white flour, starch.


This article covers all the foods that should be avoided in summary the foods rich in trans fat, sugar, calories, and other poor impacting foods should be better to avoid.

For the weight loss or I say better and impact-full result you should avoid to eat these foods or at least lower down the consumption of these foods as these are scientifically proven to be bad when your goal is straight forward to weight loss.

Also consider to eat healthy and do some workout to get faster results.

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