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41 Scientific Researched Based Foods That Lower Cholesterol Fast

It is really needed to know the foods that lower cholesterol fast because of the rapidly increment of the heart problems you’re exposed to.

The two main types of cholesterol that runs in our body are LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol and HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or good cholesterol.

HDL is good for your body whereas LDL will become the cause for any heart problem that’s why the name good and bad is given to both.

So, for maintaining good cholesterol you have to take best care of your dieting practices and should include the foods that will benefit you and your heart.

List Of Foods That Lower Cholesterol Fast

#1 Avocado

Avocado contains monounsaturated fats that reduce levels of LDL in the body. Other components like fibers and sterols also contribute to overall wellness.

Several kinds of research done in past suggested that avocado helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol i.e LDL levels in the body.

The 45 peoples are chosen who are already suffering from obesity and overweight issues. They have made to follow different diets for five weeks.

 Diets included a low-fat diet, a moderate-fat diet, and a moderate-fat diet with one avocado daily. 

After five weeks the people have different LDL levels in their body.

#2 Egg Plant

In 2014 a study was conducted and it concluded that the egg plant contain antioxidants mainly chlorogenic acid, that is found to effectively lower down bad cholesterol (LDL) inside the body.

Egg plant also high in fibers and other nutrition that will benefits in good metabolism and reduces other health problems in combination.

#3 Grapes

Grapes and other citrus fruits are higher in pectin, pectin is a soluble fiber and also known as polysaccharide which lowers down the LDL from the body.

Grapes also packed with pterostilbene and triglycerides which lowers level of bad cholestrol in blood.

#4 Lentils

Lentils are full package of fibers, potassium and folic acid nutrition. All these components are important for regulating heart fitness.

The American Heart Association (AHA) also suggested that fibers are very effective if you want your body to store fewer LDL levels.

#5 Spinach

These green leaves may or may not be attractive but are nutrition rich for your body. Spinach contains the quantities of lutein and other carotenoids inside which are known to lower the LDL levels in body.

These green veggies perform its action by binding to the bile acid sites, hence making your body to excrete out more cholesterol.

#6 Pecans

Pecans are rich in a variety of phenolic compounds like flavan-3 ols, phenolic acid, anthocyanidins, proanthocyanidins, and their glycosides containing sugar.

The strong and effective antioxidant abilities of pecans come from all these compounds. Pecans also contain tocopherols like gamma tocopherols who’s quantities in your body gets 2x after eating pecans.

Research shows that these compounds in blood may reduce the bad cholesterol up to 33%.

A recent research report from Loma Linda University also shows that the natural antioxidant-rich profile of pecans is a great fight against heart health conditions.

#7 Pistachios

In spite of Pistachios’ good taste, these are also nutrition fulfilled, these are known for maintaining good lipid levels of the body.

They are good blood pressure maintainers. A study is done on pistachios to confirm its effectiveness, scientists take ten peoples who are suffering from hypercholesterolemia.

They are provided with the pistachios nuts advice to add them in diet. For about three weeks with constant calorie intake of 20% is done by pistachios nuts.

The study concludes that there is a decrease in total cholesterol level, LDL is decreased in the blood, and HDL or good cholesterol is increased.

#8 Quinoa

A study was done with 37 men with overweight issues, age ranges from 35-70. They are provided with 20 grams of quinoa flour.

They are monitored for a period of 4 weeks and the results are decreased in LDL levels from baseline is found.

Quinoa is higher in levels of proteins, tocopherols, and unsaturated fatty acids which found to be a potent dilution for bad cholesterol.

#9 Tomatoes

Lycopene compound present in the tomatoes is the role player in lowering LDL cholesterol levels from the blood.

A study on tomato juice is conducted by scientists the two groups of 21 healthy individuals are arranged are one group is made to consume tomato and its products and the other group is strictly resistant to any tomato-related products.

After 3 weeks of study total cholesterol levels fall by 5.9% and significant decrease in LDL levels is seen by 12.9% on comparing both diets.

#10 Green Tea

Green tea is made with unfermented leaves, the antioxidant catechins, epigallocatechin gallate are found to be responsible for lowering LDL cholesterol levels.

People ofter prefer to take green tea in mornings you can take it twice morning and evening.

A study is performed on the rat in 2015 in which the rats are given water in which catechins and epigallocatechin gallate are dissolved.

After approximately period of 2 months scientists found that both of the groups of rats on higher cholesterol meals, there is significant decrease in LDL cholesterol levels to around 14.4% and 30.4%.

#11 Potatoes

Every one love the potatoes and it’s recipes however not everyone is aware of it’s benefits.

Potatoes are available with soluble fibers in them which are good promoter of metabolism, they binds to the bile acids.

These are the compounds which enhances digestion mechanism and they are build with cholesterol.

Binding to these acids help in the reduction of LDL levels in body.

#12 Apples

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” it’s was a very popular quote and you can understand by this how much good is apple when it comes in your dieting plans.

Apple is a citrus fruit and is developed with pectin, polyphenols, and good fiber amounts in it, these fibers, pectin, and polyphenols will make up the way to out bad cholesterol from the body.

#13 Raspberries

When it comes to antioxidants-rich fruit raspberries intake is a good choice. Raspberries are higher in antioxidant profile and lower in fat.

It fits best in the category of foods that lower cholesterol fast. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Which lowers down the bad cholesterol from lipid profile of our body.

These compounds also strengthens the defence mechanism of our body.

#14 Chia Seeds

The chia seeds are great ingredient to your diet when it comes in lowering cholesterol levels from the body.

Chia seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids developed from the alpha-linolenic acid presented in large amounts.

Which are proven to benefit cardiovascular problems. Lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood pressure, maintaining rhythmicity is the commonest ones.

The fibers and other nutrition is also held inside chia seeds which gives overall health enhancement.

#15 Bananas

Fiber is rocking everywhere bananas are also the promoter of fiber in our body. Banana is what comes in our mind when we hear the name of fiber rich fruits.

Regular intake of bananas will put your digestion at boosted level and the soluble fiber will help your body getting rid of extra LDL cholesterol produced by liver.

#16 Black Beans

Black Beans are among the nutritious foods that lower cholestrol fast. Our body forms clot inside the blood vessels when the high amounts of cholesterol starts accumulating.

These clots block passage of blood hence induces many health risks. Quercetin is a natural compound present inside black beans.

This compound is effective in lowering the dangers of LDL cholesterol in the body. Research also revealed the compound saponin which is found equally beneficial.

#17 Dark Chocolate

Eating by everyone but not everyone is aware of the value it adds to your health.

Dark chocolates are very popular and delicious in taste these chocolates contain some compounds like theobromine and polyphenols, that lowers down the bad cholesterol levels from the body and also increment the good cholesterol levels.

Study done in 2017 showed that the people with HIV raised HDL in their body when they are made to eat dark chocolates for about 15 days only.

#18 Straw Berries

Strawberries are always the favorite fruit of everyone no one hates it, it’s because of their delicious tongue watering taste.

Besides of it’s good taste the straw berries also rich with pectin which lowers down the cholesterol up to 10%.

#19 Okra

Okra is often choice of many vegetable lovers, it’s often called as lady finger. The okra contains mucilage waxy gel like substance which binds with cholesterol during digestion so it is easily excreated out from the body.

A study conducted with mice, mice is made to take okra rich diet for about eight weeks of duration and the results shows the reduction in levels of cholesterol in blood.

#20 Salmon

Salmons are among the nutrition rich foods that lower cholesterol fast. These fishes have higher quantities of omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 are good fats and they adds the resistance in the rate at which the liver is producing triglycerides. Hence, lowering down cholesterol levels from blood.

#21 Corn Oil

Corn oil is recommended by researchers to be included in diet as they found that corn oil is increased four times of plant sterols than olive oil and more than 40% which is in canola oil.

Corn oil is the combined dilution of good fatty acids and plant sterols, monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are known for lowering blood cholesterol (LDL) levels and enhances HDL.

#22 Unsweetened Soy Milk

These are not more potent in their action but yes soy milk also gives in lower LDL cholesterol form blood. It may lower down cholesterol in smaller amounts.

Study suggest that a 25 gm of daily soy protein consumption from soy milk will benefit your body by lowering down the LDL levels to about 5%.

#23 Hummus

Hummus has olive oil inside which contains monounsaturated fatty acids. (MUFAs) are the ingredient that lowers down cholesterol and also obstructs the possibility of other heart health issues.

The hummus can be eaten with vegetables, they are good foods that lower cholesterol fast as they are not loaded with extra fat and calories.

#24 Almonds

The different studies are held in the past focusing almonds, these studies find out that almonds are good in lowering the blood cholesterol and improving the lipid profile of the body.

The Almonds contain good fats named monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These fats lowers down the body cholesterol by promoting the oxidation of LDL.

#25 Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a very tasty snack or food that lowers cholesterol fast, it is majorly included in diets and meal plans of bodybuilders. Normal people should also consider adding it to their diet and tasting it with a slice of bread is great.

The most of fat content in peanut butter is unsaturated fats which ultimately benefits the consumer by reducing down extra cholesterol and empower heart benefits.

#26 Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are another good food loved by many peoples. Potassium is the main ingredient which helps in maintaining sodium levels in body if we talk about sweet potato.

As you know the increase in sodium levels in our blood makes our blood more thicker due to which the gateway is opened for arterial and vesicular problems like clotting, blocking etc.

The right amount of sodium in body is required for perfect blood vessel dilation so the potassium made this happen and also lowers dissolved cholesterol.

#27 Flax Seeds

There is a plant compound named flaxseed lignans which is known for its improving health effects. This compound is found in flax seeds and help to lower cholesterol increments in body.

Also, the fiber inside flax seeds helps in lowering cholesterol it gets its binding with the bile salts present in our body.

By making their excretion from the body, to recover these bile salts amount the cholesterol is taken from the blood into the liver. By this the levels of cholesterol in blood gets decreased.

#30 Walnuts

The Walnut is the only nut known for having omega-3 fatty acids of plant source. Walnuts are different in their fat depositions and contains higher amounts of polyunsaturated fats.

There is no doubt that these all nutritions are what required for lowering down cholesterol.

According to healthline a total of 43 grams of walnuts required to be included in diet to experience lowering of cholesterol levels.

#31 Kale

Effects of kale can be compared with the drug cholestyramine, a cholesterol-lowering drug that actions much similar in lowering cholesterol levels. Kale contains bile acid sequestrants that decrease cholesterol.

Study shows that steaming kale is very rapid in lowering cholesterol levels it just maximizes the binding of bile acid. For more effects intake of steamed kale will be equals to 43% as cholestyramine.

#32 Edamame

Have you seen those young soybeans those are called edamame these beans are softer and slippery sweet.

Levels of protein and fibers are found to be high in these beans also contains the isoflavones, which lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.

According to webmd total of 38 clinical trials was done which demonstrates that soy protein intake is good in lowering LDL levels.

#33 Blue berries

Blue berries found its color by the chemical anthocyanin, this chemical is an antioxidant which gives blue berries color.

Besides giving color to blueberries this chemical compound also lowers down the blood LDL levels and improves arterial functions.

#34 Olives

Olives have the composition of fatty acid (oleic acid) dissolved in its nutrition rich profile.

These oleic acids are associated to improve the way heart performs its functions also lowers down the LDL cholesterol levels by stopping its oxidation.

#35 Oats

Soluble fiber in oats are the action takers in lowering the LDL levels from blood. The cholesterol lowering effect is gained by oats also because of beta-glucan it contains.

Not all the foods which contains beta-glucan lowers cholesterol it may be because of highly processing of oats are believed to be less effective in lowering blood cholesterol.

Further clarification is needed to confirm beta-glucan effectiveness.

#36 Tuna

According to webmd the tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids which lower down cholesterol levels.

The intake of tuna fish also helps to lower down unrequired triglycerides and will reduce the rate at which any clot forms inside arteries, also lowers down blood pressure.

#37 Cherries

A new study on cherries was published it demonstrates that the consumption of cherry juice is very effective in lower cholesterol LDL levels or bad cholesterol in the peoples at later stages of their life.

The cherries are found to reduce the causes that generally leads to cholesterol enhancement in blood.

#38 Sardines

Sardines are the oily fish like salmon and tuna these sardines are rich with high omega-3 fatty acids and in anyways better than the fat you found in meats.

These are tastiest and heatlhiest foods that lower cholesterol fast. Your lower cholesterol meals can’t be without adding sardines.

#39 Sesamin Oil

A study shows that consuming only 3.6 mg of sesamin reduces the bad cholesterol to about 16% and overall cholesterol levels by 8% on study of eight weeks only.

The sesamin oil lowers down the triglyceride and cholesterol levels by help of its plant component lignans and phytosterols.

#40 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins are not beneficial alone but if there seeds are taken and added to the diet it may show you some cholesterol lowering benefits.

Pumpkin seeds are composed of plant sterols and omega-3 fatty acids which will lower down the cholesterol, triglyceride levels.

#41 Barley

Barley are good foods that reduce cholesterol fast they are filled with beta-glucans quantities in them, which helps them in lowering down the bad cholesterol quantities from blood by showing binding with bile acids.

Additionally barley contains soluble fiber in them which are also a good cholesterol stopper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best drink to lower cholesterol?

Scientific research shows that green tea, tart cherries juice, tomato juice, etc. are potent inhibitors of high cholesterol levels in the blood. Green tea is rich in antioxidant compounds, catechins which are found to be effective in lowering blood LDL levels.

Are eggs bad for cholesterol?

You should understand types of cholesterol first, there are two major types bad and good cholesterol any food which increases bad cholesterol (LDL) levels should be stopped and the food which increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels should be included in diet.

Eggs are responsible to increase only HDL levels and not LDL levels in the body so intake of egg will not increase the cholestrol particularly bad cholesterol of your body however good cholesterol is increased.

What are the 3 foods to never eat?

Highly processed foods should be stopped immediately as they only add up to several health issues.
Eating processed foods like ice cream, potato chips, cookies will only add up your addiction to that food product and will also enhance the chances of overeating. All these will leads to overweight, obesity, heart issues, and many more.

What should I eat for breakfast if I have high cholesterol?

Best recommendation is to eat foods higher in fiber, protein, antioxidants like nutrients and lower in fat, calories.
Peanut butter
are some good choices.


If you’re suffering or experiencing any of heart problems these foods are best in case you want to include any foods to your diet or want to have an idea of good foods that lower cholesterol fast.

So, you can choose to form the foods mentioned in the article and can also include other foods which are not on the list but notice to know their nutrition profile first.

Mainly the foods higher in fiber, protein, antioxidants are good choice to go easy.

If you have any doubts mention it in comments and want to ask someting if in case.

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