15 Foods Rich In Vitamin D That No One Will Tell You

15 Foods Rich In Vitamin D That No One Will Tell You

Vitamin D is one of the most essential vitamins that our body needs. You can say that you’re standing properly just because you have vitamin D.

Shocked! you must know vitamin D promotes your body to absorb as much calcium it can from the diet you’re taking.

So, that your bones structure of the body will be hard and tough not something like soft and fragile, people who are lacking in vitamin D often experience rickets, osteomalacia is bone disorders.

You must know the foods rich in vitamin D to overcome low vitamin D levels and always be on the safer side.

List Of Foods Rich In Vitamin D

Some of the scientifically proven foods rich in vitamin d are-

#1 Eggs Yolk

Eggs are the overall good food source of nutrition, some benefits of protein are hidden in its white flesh while others are inside the yolk like vitamins, minerals, and some fats.

Eggs are the natural sources filled with vitamin D, eggs contain both vitamin D3 and 25-hydroxyvitamin D3. The effects of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 are finding out to increase five times vitamin D activity in the body.

Taken eggs regularly in your daily diet is what you need to maintain vitamin D levels.

#2 Mushrooms

mushrooms are the foods rich in vitamin D

Mushrooms are known to be a very good source of vitamin D. According to NCBI the common type of mushroom which we eat is when exposed to ultraviolet radiation, such as sunlight or UV lamp.

This process will make them produce nutritionally benefitted quantities of vitamin D. Vitamin D2, D3, and D4 are found in mushrooms, among the three vitamins vitamin D2 is the most common and in higher amounts as compared to vitamin D3 and D4.

#3 Tofu

Tofu is a higher source of vitamin D, that is what WebMD says that including tofu in your diet will reduce the chances of your body getting exposed to any bone deformities.

Tofu is also are challenge for prostate cancer because of its effect which causes prostate-specific antigen levels to get reduced to nullifying its effect.

#4 Fortified Orange Juice

Study shows that drinking of fortified orange juice adds the same level of nutrition as that you will get with vitamin D supplements.

It was observed that fortified orange juice having 1000 IU vitamin D3/236.6 ml jumps the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in adults by more than 150% in three months of period.

It shows that fortified orange milk having vitamin D3 is a good trigger to improve vitamin D consumption in adults.

#5 Red Meat

Red meat is a good source of an animal product-derived vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is the main ingredient found in red meat.

If someone includes only 3-ounce of beef liver in the diet they get 42 international units of vitamin D into their body. The same amount of beef kidney will provide 38 international units of vitamin D.

So, choosing a red meat is good choice to make jump for vitamin D levels in the body.

#6 Soy Milk

Soy milk is a healthy drink it is a good nutrition source of essential nutrition our body requires. Soy milk can be fortified with vitamin D as well.

Compared to cow milk it is the same in protein content (3.4 gm), contains low-calorie content than whole milk, and also lower in saturated fat. According to Healthline soy milk have 54-136 IU of vitamin D per serving.

#7 Oysters


Oysters are foods rich in vitamin D these are hard big shells with having some nutrition-rich flesh inside them.

If you want to cover the 75% of your vitamin D needed by the body you have to have an intake of only 100 grams of oysters that’s enough.

#8 Butter

Yeah, it’s a very common ingredient that makes up a good snack diet. However, no one really knows that butter is also a very good source of vitamin D.

If the butter is included in the daily dieting plans it has the capacity to reduce the requirement of vitamin D up to 11% if only 14 grams of butter is added.

#9 Yogurt

Vitamin D3 is found in fortified yogurt and is not destroyed even after when yogurt passes to various processes like pasteurization.

When the yogurt is packed with water-dispersible form and packed they are less chance to lose vitamin D3 content.

So when you buy yogurt you must check the packing of it, it should be not translucent packing so that the nutrition content is not at any risk.

#10 Cereals

Cereals are not as high in vitamin D quantities as other natural foods but it is also good to be added to the diet to get a little jump in the vitamin D levels.

Best idea is to try cereals with other foods rich in vitamin D for enhancement of overall vitamin D level.

#11 Shrimp

shrimps are foods rich in vitamin D

There is no doubt that meat-based foods are higher in vitamin D content, shrimp is also a good nutrition-rich vitamin D source.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database, a total of 85 grams of shrimp dietary intake will make your body filled with about 129 IUs of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a very potent nutrition our body needs. The U.S Food and Drug Administration guidelines suggest that daily consumption of 400 IUs is good for adults and 200 IUs is recommended to be taken by children under their 18’s.

#12 Bananas

Bananas are the choice of many rich in various amounts of nutrition packed in it. It also contributes its role not directly but indirectly to maintain vitamin D levels.

The bananas contain high magnesium amounts packed so this magnesium triggers vitamin D levels in the body.

#13 Cheese

Cheese is delicious and nutritious food to be included in the diet. However, the choice of cheese is important to gain good nutrition benefits.

One cup serving of cheese contains 30 IU of vitamin D. According to insider Monterey cheeses, fontina, muenster are some good choices for having a vitamin D nutrition-rich diet.

#14 Salmon

Salmon are good protein-rich sources as well as they also provide good vitamin D benefits. The NIH suggests that for getting 447 IU of vitamin D the cooked sockeye salmon should be intake with amounts required only 85.05 gm in your diets.

Besides vitamin D benefits salmon also gives other essential nutrition to the body like omega-3 fatty acids and good protein.

#15 Cod Liver Oil


Cod liver oil is a good suppliment type food you should add to your diet to get vitamin D in higher amounts.

There are countries where it is too much difficult to get a touch of sun-rays to your body example is Norway. Because of this, the natural vitamin D obtained from the sun is almost nil so cod liver oil is a good vitamin D source in these situations.

According to Norway Health Authorities to overcome the vitamin D requirement of 400 IU you have to include only 5 ml of cod liver oil daily in your diet. It’s add-on benefits and prevents rickets disorders in these areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are highest in vitamin D?

Foods from both plant and animal sources nourish vitamin D in your body. So it’s good to have food from both of the sources to get most of it.

1. Eggs yolk
2. Mushroom
3. Tofu
4. Oysters
5. Red meat
6. Shrimp

are some of the best sources to meet the daily vitamin D requirements of the body.

How can I raise my vitamin D level quickly?

For rapid enhancement of vitamin D levels in your body you have to bombard your body with different sources which contribute in the production of vitamin D.

– You can get vitamin D from direct sunlight better time is to take it in early morning before 10 am.
– You can get vitamin D from plant food sources like soy milk, cow milk, fortified orange juices.
– Animal sources are also good to be added like red meat, shrimp, salmon etc.

Do bananas have vitamin D?

Not directly but indirectly banana plays a crucial role in maintaining vitamin D levels in your body.
Bananas are not rich with vitamin D which it can pass to the body but it is a good source of magnesium which works as a trigger and activate vitamin D in the body.

Which fruits are rich in vitamin D?

Fortified orange juice is suggested to be a very good food drink to be added to the diet for fulfilling vitamin D requirements.

Fortified orange juice having 1000 IU vitamin D3/236.6 ml jumps the serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in adults by more than 150% in three months of period.

Other foods like salmon, butter, red meat, cod liver oil are also good choices.


Vitamin D is among one of the most nutritional requirements of our body. To make our body fit and prevent it from disorders like rickets etc. Our body needs regular supplementation of vitamin D.

Different foods all from plant and animal origin are discussed in the article the very good bet is to mix up all of them and start including to your diet to get benefits from all not from just one food item.

Different foods have different capabilites to spike vitamin D levels, you should know which food is how much beneficial to maintain a proper diet plan.

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