8+1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Calories Tips You Need to Learn Now

8+1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Calories Tips You Need to Learn Now

Who doesn’t like to enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate chip cookie but do you know how it is affecting your health in a good or a bad way?

People usually doesn’t think about all these things like nutrition and risk factors of the processed foods they are adding to their lifestyle.

And after certain time they are accused to numerous health issues which are some-how caused by their bad eating lifestyle.

The obesity, overweight, cholesterol, heart blockages and other related issues are majorly influenced by your everyday diet.

chocolate chip cookie calories
Nutrition Value Per100 gm
Protein6 g
Cholesterol70 mg
Sodium341 mg
Potassium221 mg
Total Fat28 g
Calcium3 g
Iron13 g
Magnesium13 g

A total of 488 calories get inside to your body when you consume 100 grams of chocolate chip cookies.

Now, this calorie if not used in your daily routine activities will add up to your body fat and make you gain extra kilos which you surely don’t want to.

So, the perfect thing is to eat fewer chocolate chip cookies which will reduce the intake of chocolate chip cookie calories into your body.

Chocolate chip cookie is also under the addictive foods which are good in making your body urge for continuous eating of something bad to the health.

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How To Manange Chocolate Chip Cookie Calories?

girl showing chocolate chip cookie calories

If you’re a chocolate chip cookie lover and you’re also concerned about your health you surely want a way by which you can eat chocolate chip cookies but it will lessely impact your health.

#1 Eat Something Before Going Outside

This is scientifically proven that eating calorie rich food will reduce your chances to buy processed foods that are not required to be in your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

So, the best bet is to eat calorie rich diet before going outside so that your body will feel full with sugar and calories and you will not force yourself to buy something not required. Eg- oats, banana etc.

Your chocolate chip cookie calories will be majorly stopped by this step as you don’t buy it so chances of eating is already overcome.

#2 Eating In Minor Amounts

If you’re not ready for the step 1 you can try to eat chocolate chip cookie in minor amounts so that you will get satisfied and will not develop too much fat storage in your body.

The body calorie requirement for energy which is needed to carry out daily activities largely depends on how active we are and how much workload we take so the daily calorie requirements vary from person to person.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggested in 2015-2020 that females calorie requirements are between 1600 to 2400 in a day whereas men’s need 2000 to 3000 calories daily.

So, you can adjust accordingly the chocolate chip cookie calories intake on your daily basis.

#3 Doing More Workout Than Normal

If you can still don’t make yourself to adhere with the step 1 and step 2. There is still hope you can increase your daily body calories requirement by working more than you work on a normal day.

Work doesn’t mean a college or office works you should get engaged in physical activity.

Playing football, cricket is a great idea or if you go to the gym it’s more than good you can maintain your body calorie storage by indulging in these physical activities.

A study trial was performed with 52 obese men after a period of 3 months decrease in body weight of about 7.5 kgs was observed.

These three tips are scientifically proven strategies you can follow to manage chocolate chip calories.

#4 Make Cookies At Home

Another surefire way to reduce chocolate chip cookie calories intake is to make cookies at home.

Because the cookie which you buy packed from outside will get you into more harm it fills up with more sugary substances and calorie content.

Hydrogented oils or trans fat are also present in some outside cookies bad for the health.

According to the American Heart Association eating foods high in trans fat will increase the level of LDL cholesterol in your body and further put you at the risk of developing heart diseases, stroke, etc.

In 1990 researchers also study and concluded that trans fats are causing adverse health issues after that the FDA put up some regulations and the consumption of trans fat is decreased in the U.S.

Make Low Chocolate Chip Cookie Calories Diet

Attention! to the instructions of the recipe are important there will be chances that you make a home made calorie rich cookie so follow to the proper instructions of the recipe.

Look up to the sugar content that must be added is in minute amount so that only it will maintain the cookie taste.

chocolate chip cookies

Instructions to cookie making-

Soften Butter and Ghee. For making perfect cookie it is advisable to melt down the butter and ghee.

Keep Good Consistency of Flour and Sugar. Measuring the consistency and flour is good for making a low chocolate chip cookie calories diet. You can use measuring bowls or cups for that.

Measuring ratio is of your choice just keep one thing in mind to achieve the good consistency of cookies.

Add Chocolate Chips. You already understand what i mean. Right!

Don’t Bake Longer. Make sure you don’t over bake the cookies, bake at optimum temperature and period.

According to food network the optimum temperature at which chocolate chip cookies are baked ranges from 300 to 500 farenheit.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Calories Benefits

There are some dangers and health issues people often suffer from by too much consumption of chocolate chip cookie calories.

But when these cookies are baked at home the dangers are very low.

#1 Low Chances of Diabetes

Processed food also chocolate chip cookie is one contains higher amounts of added sugar and calories. When the cookie is cooked at home by not adding excess sugar quantities it will lessen the chances of type 2 diabetes.

Which people can suffer if they make regular intake of processed cookies for a longer time. As if the cookies are made by self so how much sugar should be added is in your hand and you can easily lower chances of diabetes problem in future.

#2 No Chemical Eating

The processed cookies contains added preservatives, flavouring agents, sugar substances and different chemicals needed to make the cookie to get desired results.

But no one know what health risks our body have to face after eating all these chemicals.

Making cookies at home will prevent you from eating any artificial substances and related health risks caused form that additive.

chocolate chip cookie calories

#3 Relief from Refined Carbohydrates

The processed cookies are higher in carbohydrates not normal carbs but they are high in refined carbs which are not beneficial as normal carbs intake.

When these refined carbs enter our body they get easily broken by our body’s metabolism mechanism and will rapidly get absorbed to blood leading jump in blood sugar levels.

When these increased levels get back normal people often experience cravings and eat more.

Will put you at higher risk of type 2 diabetes because of the rapid up and down of sugar levels in the blood.

When chocolate chip cookies are made at home the risk of refined carbs can also be overcomed.

#4 Good Nutrition

The cookies at outside are gone through various processing stages that decrease their nutrition value, the vitamins and minerals are very low.

Whereas if the cookies are made at home and without any processing procedure the natural benefits and nutrition will not be gone anywhere.

#5 No Trans Fat Issues

Trans fat is a very potent risk to health caused by eating outside cookies. Trans fat contains refined seeds and vegetable oil because the cookie production is larger they cheap quality and inexpensive methods are involved.

Heart health risks, stroke, type 2 diabetes are often major concern caused by eating trans fat containing foods.

A 2019 study says that if 2 percent of energy increased by eating foods containing trans fat will put your body close to 23 percent cardiovascular risk factors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are cookies so high in calories?

Cookies are processed foods and higher in sugary and calories containing ingredients A 100 grams of cookie contain 488 grams of calories.
So eating lot of them will put you at risk of developing different heath issues. eg- cardiovascular problems and diabetes are common.

How many calories are in an average chocolate chip cookie?

It greatly depends on the weight and size of cookie. If you buy outside cookie from a bakery or store which is 16 grams in weight will add up nearly 80 calories in your body.

How many calories are in a McDonald’s chocolate chip cookie?

According to McDonald’s a classic chocolate chip cookie contains 170 calories.

Is chocolate chip cookies good for you?

Chocolate chip cookies may benefit you if they are homemade so that their nutritional value will not be hindered by different processing methods.
Fibers, vitamins, and minerals are more in homemade cookies.


If you’re a chocolate chip cookie lover you may not resist yourself eating this processed but delicious food but you can follow the homemade methods mentioned in the article to get most of the nutrition and less health risks.

Cookies are great food if taken in measured amounts and keep yourself away from overeating. The people with obesity, heart issues and diabetes problems should take care more.

Leave down your queries in comment section let me know your thoughts about chocolate chip cookies.

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