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3 Sec. BMI Calculator India Weight (Kg) Height (cm): Men, Women

Are you confused or don’t have idea how much of mass your body is carrying itself which is of no need?

Many fitness individuals keep track of their BMI (Body Mass Index) to keep in check their work progress. So, if you are also covering weight loss or fitness goals you also need to regularly keep in check how much body mass you have and how much is reduced.

Solely for that purpose, the BMI calculator for India comes into play. Note that this BMI calculator is not only limited to Indian peoples anyone across the net can put the values and see the result.

BMI Calculator India: Measure Weight (Kg) and Height (Cm)

Both men and women’s can calculate the values, see the option in the calculator and choose specifically for your gender.

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After measuring the BMI you can progress your workout or fitness routine accordingly. This will really help you put forward to achieve weight loss goals.

If you’re having any problem related to values calculated, how to put in and what you can read below the full description of BMI calculators India.

Understand The BMI

BMI expands to Body Mass Index, it the analysis of the correct measurement of individuals by the values which indicates that the one is overweight or underweight.

Easily it is the measurement of unnecessary fat in your body by comparing your weight and height.

Calculation can be done by dividing the individuals weight (Kgs) by the square of height (m).

How To Calculate The BMI Using BMI Calculator for Indians?

To calculate the BMI using BMI calculator for indians you can follow these steps below.

  • Don’t hurry first click on the gender option below no.1 most people don’t click it. If you’re a girl click on the icon showing a girl’s face and if you’re a body click on the icon showing a boy’s face.
  • The no. 2nd question is how old are you? Below this question, you have to write the age of yours in years, eg- 46 yrs.
  • No. 3rd question is how tall are you? Under this question, you have to put the height of yours in cm, eg-165 cm.
  • Lastly, 4th question is how much do you weigh? Under this section, you have to write your weight in Kgs, eg- 78 kg.

This is all you have to do after this click to the yellow button for calculating you BMI.

This result will show up some values like for example if we take a man aged 46 yrs, height is 165 cm and body weight be 78 kgs.

The values which shows are-

  • Personal BMI: 28.7 (overweight)
  • Ideal BMI: 22-27 (healthy weight)
  • Current weight: (78 kgs)
  • Ideal body weight: (59.9 – 73.5 kg)

After knowing these values you can easily understand that in which range your body weight and mass are and what is the ideal body weight for which you have to work hard.

What Is Normal BMI?

Yeah you do need to know the normal BMI range so you can understand you body easily.

According to a post by Robert H. Shmerling, MD at Harvard Health Publishing the normal BMI ranges between 18-25. With a BMI of 25-30, a person is considered overweight, with a BMI of above 30 people is obese and below 18.5 BMI person is considered to be underweight.

Does BMI Really Matter?

Yeah it do, how do you know if your body is progressing towards severe health disease or condition that will further threatens your life.

The BMI calculator for indians is the good practice to know about the present bodily condition.

Below are some of the disease that you will get attacked if ignored BMI-

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Cancers (can be of breast, colon or prostate)
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Liver problems

For tracking these conditions and keeping them away for your body BMI calculator for Indians and for the people globally can use it. It is the best online solution without any charges it will give you your present body condition.

Pros and Cons of BMI Calculator Weight(kg) with Height(cm)

These are some pros and cons of BMI calculator kg with cm for the better evaluation for the importance of it.


  • Can track the body fat condition.
  • Can be used to keep the body fit and disease away.
  • It is FREE available online.
  • You can track the body condition right away.
  • Enhances work performance and motivation.


  • People who don’t use phones can’t use them on the web.
  • Sometimes values will be quite different.

The above are some pros and cons of BMI calculator for indian peoples and to other people also.

According to WHO the obesity and overweight are the reasons for the death of if taken least value to 2.8 million people per year.

WHO’s BMI Chart For Indian And for Other People Globally

For these reasons a chart by WHO is a good source to know ideal values upfront. This chart shows BMI for people above 20 years of age.

Less than 18.5Underweight
18.5–24.9Normal weight
30.0–34.9Obesity class I
35.0–39.9Obesity class II
Above 40Obesity class III

The BMI values are based on the effect of body fat to the increment of disease condition. BMI calculator is good for kids and adults.

Is It Too Necessary To Use BMI Calculator?

Do you still think this? The answer is big “YES” the obesity and overweight consume large portion of the population. Obesity and overweight is caused by unrequired fat deposition into the body.

The WHO says that there is 3x growth in the people with obesity since 1975.

The overweight proportion of people in 2016 is 650 million from 1.9 billion adults (of 18 yrs or older). This is a huge value and people still ignoring the importance of body care.

In 2019 there are 38 million of children who are overweight and obese shocking thing is the childrens age is only 5 years.

These are some facts by WHO which lights the importance of BMI and it’s measurement to be prevented by any health condition.

National Family Health Survey Data

The NHFS (National Family Health Survey) is the data of the states in India of people suffering from overweight and obesity. The data is based on the National Family Health Survey, 2007.

Andra pradesh17.6522.75
Tamil nadu19.8424.44
Himachal pradesh16819.58
Arunachal pradesh10.61612.515
Jammu & Kashmir8.71811.117
Uttar pradesh4.9171216
Bihar 8.51910.518
Odisha 6.9238.621
Madhya Pradesh5.4276.726
West Bengal6.1267.125
Source- Wikipedia

Frequently Asked Question

How do I calculate my BMI?

BMI referred to as Body Mass Index. You can easily calculate it by dividing the weight of your body in kgs by the square of your height in meters.

OR you can simply use a BMI calculator for measuring weight. To get the BMI measured values visit the top of the article and put your body values and see results.

How is BMI calculated in India?

BMI easily calculated in seconds by using the online BMI calculator for indian people.

What is ideal BMI for Indian female?

Your gender doesn’t play much in calculating the BMI. The BMI values from 18.5-24.9 are considered normal for both. Less than 18.5 are considered as underweight, 24.9-30 is overweight, and values more than 30 are in the obesity range.

What is my ideal weight?

Your ideal weight is something that needs to measure and the best analysis done is with the BMI calculator. whatever your weight is you have to simply put your gender, age, weight, and height and results will be upfront with further recommendations. To calculate the values put values on the BMI calculator top to the article.


The Body Mass Index (BMI) is however an important aspect that is to be measured and keep in check regularly to get aware of the current body fat percentage.

Despite this BMI calculation is also necessary to prevent any future illness possibilities. BMI calculator is provided top to the article you can easily calculate your BMI there.