New Best Time To Drink Green Tea (Good Vs Bad Comparison) 2021

New Best Time To Drink Green Tea (Good Vs Bad Comparison) 2021

Do you often think about the best time to drink green tea? Maybe you want to get most of the benefits from it for this you’re thinking about what is the good time for getting most of the green tea’s benefit.

Your all running thoughts will be cleared in the article below I write about the different times and events for which you can try green tea also how you are getting advantage of drinking in certain situations.

What is the best time to drink green tea?

I first want to tell you that green tea is a highly nutritious and healthy drink with various compounds filled in it make your body and overall day happy.

It is not constrained to any time interval, however for various events it can be more good to drink a tea cup.

Green tea at Mornings

People mostly like to drink teas at morning time and it is not a bad habit if you have already taken breakfast.

Drinking green tea without taking breakfast can be bad for your stomach as polyphenols in it will increase the stomach acid and you will feel pain and discomfort in the stomach.

It didn’t said drinking green tea in morning is bad only if you’re taking it empty stomach can be sometimes bad for you.

Otherwise taking green tea after your morning meals helps you in laziness, it will increase your focus and concentration because of caffeine and also L-theanine which maintains caffeine stability in your body.

You will feel energized, refreshed and excited to take new challenges overall the day.

So, taking green tea with a filled stomach can be a good choice for you.

Green tea at Evenings

Drinking green tea in evenings are good and derive same health benefits as it is doing in morning times.

After an overall day of work you feel so much tiredness and lower motivation the green tea compounds can help you cope in this situation and get stand stronger for completing another task.

People prefer taking it when they are going to their homes after work and can also look to drink it when reached home to feel relaxed, refresh and melting down all stress and tension.

So, you can surely try green tea in evenings.

Green tea at night

Do you think it is a good idea to drink green tea when you’re on bed and next thing you want to do is sleep?

I guess you don’t have any confident statement on this, let me clear this for you.

Drinking green tea at night is a bad practice and should not be tried it is as bad as it will disrupt your sleep overnight and your mind will continue running with thoughts.

The reason for this is caffeine which is a potent CNS stimulant it keeps your brain awake and forces you to work which is not good when you want to get a pleasant sleep at night.

So, the better thing is to drink green tea after you are done with dinner. There should be a gap of at least two hours after taking tea and going to sleep.

What is the best time to drink green tea for workouts?

For the people who are regular with workouts it is good to know as if drinking green tea can speed up their process to get results.

Green tea before workouts

Drinking green tea before practicing and getting indulged with any physical activity can speed up fat melting of your body.

Compound catechin and caffeine in green tea make it possible and speed up the fat burning process and metabolism of body.

A study was done with 12 men, in which 2 groups of people one consuming green tea extract and another group with placebo is tested. The results observed increase fat burning to 17% of the group consuming green tea extract when compared with the placebo group.

So, it is good when you’re taking green tea before workout for a healthy weight loss.

Green tea after workouts

Drinking green tea after doing a heavy lift is not a bad choice as it will increase your body’s metabolic functions making it easier to lose down calories and promote fat burning.

Epigallocatechin gallate, is a compound that is responsible for spiking up your metabolism and contributing to fat burning.

After a workout you are tired and wrecked you need your heart rate to be normalized quickly and want to relax, the green tea will help you in doing this. It is a good and healthy after-workout drink to try.

Green tea before and after meals

Are you confused about taking green tea before and after meals? I understand it can be difficult sometimes when you are not aware of what actually good or bad.

Taking green tea before and after taking food is a good choice but do remember to take it within time limits (40 mins to 1 hour before and after taking food) is good.

It is because disturbing this gap can make your nutrient absorption much difficult so for the best practice maintain a gap.

After learning the time interval gap between green tea and food there is not much to worry about. If you’re already suffering from some health issues make sure to get advice from your doctor first.

As with some diseases like diabetes and liver problems taking green tea after meals might affect.

Worse time to drink green tea

You know the good time now concentrate your focus to the time you should be aware of not taking green tea.

Immediately after, before and with meals

I have already talk about this earlier that drinking green tea without a specific gap interval can fluctuate your nutrient absorption.

Green tea contains compounds like flavonoids and catechins that influence nutrient absorption, mainly foods rich in iron and protein should not be taken with green tea.

When you take green tea 40 mins to 1 hour before and after taking meals the compound density inside green tea will somewhat be stabilized and it will not affect the nutrient absorption from food.

On empty stomach

Taking green tea without taking anything earlier is a worse practice and should be avoided immediately as it will disrupt your gut mechanism and make you sick.

Responsible compounds are tannins which are polyphenols that increase the stomach acid and take you more closer to the symptoms of stomach pain, discomfort, nausea, regurgitation, burning, stinging, and stomach noise.

So, avoid taking green tea on empty stomach.

At Late night

Told you earlier but covering this again that drinking green tea at late night is very sleep disruptive for you.

People who are already experiencing insomnia symptoms, less sleep, and other sleeping disorders should avoid drinking it late at night as the effect of green tea will be doubled or tripled on you as compared to the normal healthy person.

Talk to your doctor if you’re in certain healthy issues.

Best time to drink green tea for weight loss

As not everyone is a fitness lover but still wants to lose weight so what is the choice for those persons. I understand that many of you don’t like to do workouts or other heavy stuff.

But don’t worry green tea still make you lose weight. Look if you’re not working out you can do some sort of other physical movements like walking a bit fast, it is very easy to do as you don’t want to do anything just went up to the nearest park or you can also do street walking.

Before walk– Take green tea 30-40 mins earlier when you want to walk it will make your walking more worthy by boosting metabolism and cutting fat.

After walk- Also drink it after 30 mins of cool-down when you finished your walk. It will help you recover fast from tiredness and boost energy levels.

And if you’re with workout that great just maintain a gap of 30 minutes before and after workout.

Best time to drink green tea for glowing skin

Yes, you catch upright! green tea does help you in getting the skin’s purity and clarity upfront. Its antioxidant build-up profile keeps your skin away from any free radical damage, purifies your skin, makes its tone clear, and protects it.

You skins glow will be more as when the nutrition which is making it glower also multiplies.

So, the best thing is to choose a time when your body accepts most of the green tea nutrition, and it’s in the morning time after breakfast and the early evening after and before 2 hours of a diet.


Can I drink green tea on empty stomach?

No, you can’t afford this bad practice as drinking green tea on empty stomach will interfere with your stomach functioning and increase the acidic levels.
This is because of polyphenols in green tea you will feel symptoms like stomach pain, discomfort, etc.

Can we drink green tea empty stomach for weight loss?

No, it’s a myth that taking green tea can increase the weight loss of your body on empty stomach. Rather taking it after filling your stomach with food is beneficial for weight loss.
On an empty stomach, it will only make your stomach worse.

Can I drink green tea at night?

Not late at night when you’re ready to sleep but yes you can take it 2 hours before your sleeping. Drinking late at night will affect sleep quality.

When is the best time to drink green tea for weight loss?

Practice drinking 30 minutes before and after a workout and 40 to 60 minutes before and after taking meals.
It can be in the morning, afternoon, and at night but in the morning the metabolism of your body is faster so you can take it after 40 minutes of taking breakfast.


Taking green tea is good if you’re not making any wrong move. Some best practices I have already discussed in the post above the mealtime and workout time drinking green tea.

So, the best time to drink green tea is in the morning after breakfast and 40 minutes of a gap. Other considerable things are already discussed check out above.

Make sure to tell your doctor and take advice before taking anything because the effects may vary to the condition of your health.

Do tell in comments if you’re having any doubts.

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