Beetroot Juice For Weight Loss (Including Carrot, Apple, Tomato, Benefits & Risk)

Beetroot Juice For Weight Loss (Including Carrot, Apple, Tomato, Benefits & Risk)

I know you’re interested in knowing quickly how you can make beetroot juice for weight loss, don’t hurry too much first know about beetroot in general and its benefits.

Still if you can’t wait you can click on the specific heading (beetroot recipes for weight loss) in table of content below.

If I talk about the daily eatable veggies there are some vegetables that you eat that grow above the ground and some whose appearance is generally inside the ground.

‘Beetroot’ as its name is actually a root vegetable whose appearance is hidden inside the ground and the leaves appears above the ground. These are dark red, pink, purplish, orange, brown, and maroon in color.

If you will eat beetroot it tastes sweet and you can’t even wait to try one more slice of it. That is how lovable a beetroot is with all these physical and chemical characteristics beetroot is also very famous for the nutrient profile it holds.

I also mentioned beetroots nutrition value in my post ‘16 best pre-workout snack ideas‘ you can check it here you will get to know more about healthy snack ideas.

Nutrition profile of beetroot

In general, beetroot is a powerful source of nutrients that benefits health. Nutrients including vitamins like Vitamin B-9, Vitamin C, minerals like potassium, iron, manganese, and fiber are abundantly present in it.

Some other plant compounds like inorganic nitrate, betanin and vulgaxanthin are also present.

If you will take one cup which is approx. to 136 g of beetroots boiled it contains calories (60), while if you are taking less to 100 g its nutrition contents will be like-

  • Calories (43)
  • Protein (1.6 g)
  • Fat (0.2 g)
  • Carbohydrate (9.6 g)
  • Fiber (2.8 g)
  • Sugar (6.8 g)

Benefits of beetroot juice

beetroot juice for weight loss

After knowing about beetroots nutrition know about its health advantages.

Beetroot juice for weight loss

The added fiber advantages, lower fat, and inducing sensations of satisfaction from food help in weight loss. If your goal is to lose weight you should try beetroot juice.

A lower calorie value is if you drink a 100 ml juice you will get only 35 calories from it now you can assume how effective it is.

Lowers blood pressure

Beetroot juice contains nitrate compounds that widen blood vessels it is because on reaching the blood they get converted to nitric oxide which relaxed vessels and promotes widening of it which ultimately lowers down blood pressure.

Researchers say that if people with high blood pressure drink 250 ml (8.4 ounces) of beetroot daily their systolic and diastolic blood pressure gets reduced.

Prevent cancer

Beetroots contain betalains compounds that act as antioxidants inside your body and possess cancer cell preventive qualities which stop cancer cell growth.

Betalains destroys free radicals and aids in cancer prevention.

Support liver

The beetroot’s betalains compound also works best for liver function and protection, it supports the liver in many ways a fatty liver disease often occurs most in people, betalains reduce down the possibilities of fatty liver by stopping fat deposits to the liver.

Strengthens muscle power in heart failure

Beetroots have good nitrates composition which also benefits is muscle power enhancement. This could be beneficial for people with heart failure.

A study in 2015 also supports this claim, in the study people with heart failure are made to drink beetroot juice and results show that they feel an increment of 13 percent to muscle strength after 2 hours of drinking juice.

Prevention of dementia

The nitrate compounds you get from food affect cognitive thinking and behavior. Beetroots are essentially filled with nitrates that help in preventing dementia.

Increase stamina

You are fed up with low stamina why not try foods which boost stamina, beetroot juice is proven to be good for boosting stamina.

The nitrate levels in your blood rises up results in increasing of body’s endurance.

In a study 2 beetroots cups are given to the trained cyclists the noticeable thing is their performance is increased and they cover 10-kilometer distance earlier by 12 seconds, reduced in their oxygen output is also noticed.

These are some main benefits of beetroot juice intake, drinking on a regular basis will gradually give you benefits and improve your body’s health.

Recommended intake of beetroot juice is 250 ml per day it may lower down your blood pressure.

Risks of beetroot juice

Beetroots juice is beneficial in a healthy individual and if taken in recommended doses it is safe and health-promoting. While if the consumption of it is increased to normal limits there may be some complications. According to studies, only limited side effects are present.

Formation of carcinogenic compounds

Beetroot juice intake more than regular can increase the formation of some compounds that are known to be carcinogenic and these could cause further side effects to your health.

Change in urine and feces color

This cannot be seen as a side effect but a chance can be seen the change in your urine and feces color can be observed if taken beetroot juice regularly.

Beetroot recipes for weight loss

beetroot recipe for weight loss

You can make and drink beetroot juice alone but mostly it is made with two other foods one is carrot and another is the apple you can do the same, these three make a perfect juice combo for weight loss.

Most of the athletes and diets expert prefer using this A, B, C drink combination for overall health and weight loss. This combination is also called miracle juice.

For the best beetroot recipes, I researched the food and diet sharing sites like and by considering weight loss focus in mind I filter out the best possible beetroot recipes for weight loss.

Beetroot juice for weight loss recipe

Look up to the ingredients, prepration instructions and nutrition of the recipes carefully to make it yum!


  • Beetroot (half)
  • Apple (1/2)
  • Carrot (2)
  • Water (1 glass)
  • Lime juice (4,5 drops)
  • Honey (2,3 tsp)
  • Maple syrup (1 tsp)
  • Ginger (lesser than 1/2 inch)
  • Mint leaves (8,10)

Nutrition value of beetroot, carrot and apple juice (250 ml)

  • Calories (81)
  • Protein (1.7 g)
  • Carbohydrate (17.8 g)
  • Fat (0.8 g)
  • Fiber (6.6 g)

Miracle juice prepration time needed (15 min)

  • Making of it (10 min)
  • Cooking of it (5 min)
  • Serving (2 min)

This is how quick this beetroot weight loss recipe can made. Now look up to the making instructions below.

Prepration of beetroot juice

  • Bought some fresh beetroots, apples, and carrots and required ingredients from the market if don’t have any.
  • Take fruits covering off and slice them into smaller pieces.
  • Put all the pieces into the mixing jar do notice the smaller the pieces the easier and faster mix.
  • Now add the additional ingredients like lime juice, ginger, and mint leaves into the jar.
  • Also, add the required amounts of honey and water and start mixing them all.
  • Mix until it attains thinner consistency take the juice off the mixture by pressing it.
  • You can use a big spoon for accurate pressing.
  • Collect the juice to the glass and stir well the miracle juice.
  • Add juice to the serving glasses and serve well.
  • Your miracle juice is ready to enjoy and also serve your family.

Carrot and beetroot juice for skin whitening

This juice is also good if you’re thinking about whitening the skin with some juice or smoothies. Carrots contain compounds that are believed to improve your skin glow.

Beta-carotene is the compound found inside carrots that is responsible for the further generation of Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Vitamin C. These are the vitamins that provide additional glow to your skin and help in whitening it.

Along with all three Vitamins, Vitamin C is main for your improving your skin glow, it regulates the collagen production in your body which helps in your skin whitening.

If I talk about beetroots they are the hub of Vitamin C which stops skin pigmentation and clarifies the skin’s complexion hence make it more clear than before.

Amounts of protein, iron, and phosphorus in beetroots are not behind together they also give your skin a reddish glow and keep it healthy.

Carrot, beetroot, tomato juice benefits

You don’t have to do much for making this combination the only tomato is added in place of carrots you can easily replace them and the whole procedure of making is the same as above.

Know about the benefits of this juice combination, both beetroot and carrots benefits are explained above the only tomato is added so I will tell benefits of tomato.

Tomatoes are majorly eaten vegetable and is abundant with water and other necessary nutrients for your body’s health.

Vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin C and potassium are packed in tomatoes. Anti-oxidant lycopene is also present in tomatoes which kills and reduces down cancer-causing free radicals and also promotes heart health.


Is beetroot good for weight loss?

There is no scientific evidence that measures the weight loss in people buy beetroots. But yes it has nutrients that are health-promoting and weight loss supporting.
Beetroots are lesser in calorie content and higher in water, which helps in weight loss. Also, beetroots increase the body strength and stamina that is needed for more physical activity and hence for weight loss.

When should i drink beetroot juice for weight loss?

Drinking beetroot juice benefits you the same no matter what at what time you are drinking however it affects and depends on your body condition and changes to different day phases- morning, afternoon, and night.
Morning drink is good as it energizes your body and makes your mind clear with daily goals.

What happens if I drink beetroot juice everyday?

Taken on a daily basis and drinking regularly beetroot juice increases the body’s stamina with other benefits like lower blood pressure, dementia relief, weight loss, etc.
A regular beetroot supply can also change your urine and feces color. Pink and purple urine and feces color can be seen, these are just temporary changes and nothing to worry about.
Don’t overtake beetroot juice maintain a recommended daily intake of 250 ml.

Is carrot and beetroot juice good for weight loss?

Carrots and beetroots are fiber composition which makes them perfect for weight loss. The juice can reduce down your hunger because of the satisfying feeling it induces and this is because of slow-digesting fiber.
Eating vegetables alone can make you distant from getting the benefit of both so tries both juice mixture for better weight loss.


I explained about the beetroot benefits first as to drink or eat something you know how you’re getting benefit from it. These are main health advantages like increase of stamina, weight loss, easing dementia, etc.

So, you can try beetroot juice for weight loss there is no harm in it but do remember that it is not directly proven to benefit weight loss any study doesn’t suggest that only compounds and nutrition inside the juice indirectly helps in weight loss.

You can surely add this drink to your diet and enjoy, if have any doubts or confusion in mind write down in comments.

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