About Us

Hey guys! my name is Akash Bahuguna and I am the owner and founder of nutritionmint.com. Here I share the inspiring information about the food and diet nutrition which your body gets from them and every fact and statement is backed by some scientific evidence and research so you must know that the content on this site is not something posted randomly. I myself first investigate each and every benefit and harm of diet and food which I discuss and share the honest thing and advice of mine.

I am a b.pharm graduate and currently working in medicine company, In Dehradun, Uttarakhand (India) and during my studies, thought of bringing some awareness and change to society comes to my mind and slowly it becomes my goal to share some learnings of mine to the people so that they also have the right path to follow and have the right knowledge of how food is affecting to their body, which food is good in which condition, in which disease types of foods must be prevented, what you should eat to accomplish your fitness goals, what should be your best healthy diet plan and many more information I share on nutritionmint.com.

In my blog, I share all the possible benefits and adverse effects that food can cause by connecting it to the various changes with good explanations to kill any confusion. Because anything can be followed only if you have a clear understanding of it. So, it is my second priority to share the information in the most understandable way with you. I already mentioned my first priority is sharing accurate information and giving honest advice.

In bachelor’s of pharmacy, there are many subjects that give us a great understanding of how the body reacts to different substances, one of these types of subjects is “Human Anatomy and Physiology”. Which makes us aware of different body parts and functions and related diseases and effects also. So, I can relate well to which substances going inside your body will be good for you.

I do not think that I am an expert on any subject but yes I am an excited learner who wants to grab more and share 2x of it. This is a bit about me and that is what I am, it makes me feel complete, it makes me feel cheerful and happy when I something to add some value to people’s life.

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