Genius Food to Increase Oxygen Level in Body And Some Natural Ways

Are you suffering from a coronavirus attack? If this is the reason you may be looking to the food to increase oxygen level in body. During this pandemic, many people are suffering from the same situation as you.

But don’t be panic and get a stronghold on your diet, because of covid 19, lungs get infected and there is a severe loss in oxygen level in the body that if not treated carefully can proceed to the death of the patient.

At this time you have several thoughts in mind like how to increase the oxygen level in the body by food, what foods improve oxygen levels, how to increase the oxygen level in the body naturally, natural ways to increase oxygen levels.

A covid patient is already going through medications and other treatments that heal their health and help them recover, however, to get your body in a strong position this time you need to have a sharp eye on your diet.

Notice that blood regulates oxygen inside our body in tissues, organs, and cells, so if the flow of blood is increased the oxygen level automatically goes up. So, the foods that are improving or increasing your blood flow are increasing the oxygen levels in your body.

Food to increase oxygen level in body

Below are some foods that help in regulating oxygenated blood flow inside your body.


Food to increase oxygen level in body

Pomegranate is the fruit that is always on the food list of a doctor, the doctors do advise every patient in need of blood to eat pomegranate as this fruit really helps in regulating the blood and passing oxygen supply with them.

You can eat pomegranate as in raw form or can drink its juice as well. Researches and studies also say that drinking 500 ml of pomegranate juice before your exercise will release any soreness, muscle damage, etc.

Hence it is a great choice when you are looking for some food to increase your body’s oxygen levels.


Who doesn’t know about beetroot’s benefits? This root vegetable is sweet in taste and has a dark red appearance just like blood. The beetroot is very famous and common among dietitians and nutritionists as they know the importance of this root vegetable.

The people who are practicing sports do prefer to take beetroot supplementation as it increases their overall work performance. And this is possible because of the nitrates of beetroot which on going inside your body transforms into nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide releases any tension in blood vessels and improves the blood supply to organs and tissues making every tissue packed with oxygenated blood.

Citrus fruits, Lemons

You can add citrus fruits to your diet, these can be lemon, orange, grapes. The citrus fruits along with a good antioxidant profile also possess a flavonoid composition.

Eating more citrus fruits will make your body free from any inflammation and improve the blood levels by improving nitric oxide levels, stimulating it.

You have to eat citrus fruits regularly at least for a week to see some results as studies also prove the effect of citrus fruits is shown in a week period.


These are also great if you love eating tomatoes raw with salad. The tomatoes work as many ACE inhibitor drugs, the ACE enzyme is present and form inside our body and it forces the blood vessels to constrict to manage blood pressure.

After eating tomatoes the activity of the ACE enzyme slows down and the blood vessels open up and pass more blood supply to organs, tissues, and cells which will enrich the oxygen to the required site.

Green veggies

spinach as food to increase oxygen level in body

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like eating leafy greens it is not a choice but a requirement of your body that green veggies fulfill. The leafy greens are rich in nitrates.

Nitrates on going inside your body convert to nitric oxide which is a strong vasodilator (which dilates blood vessels).

Eating more leafy greens and veggies improves the supply of oxygenated blood to the body’s essential organs which support different body functioning.

These will not only improve your blood supply but green veggies are also composed of vital health nutrients that are the backbones of good health.

Eating 845 mg of spinach every day is good and you can experience changes and improvement in your blood supply within a week period.

Fatty fish

If you are a non-veg lover you can rely on this food to increase your blood levels. Fatty fish is a great choice of food to increase the oxygen levels in the body.

Salmon and mackerel are well-known fatty fishes that have a high value of omega-3 fatty acids these are the compounds that are responsible for the supply of nitric oxide.

Which further impacts the blood vessels and promotes their dilation and increase of oxygen and blood in your body. These fishes are also great if you are experiencing blood clots due to covid or any other means.

Omega-3 present in these fishes will dilute the blood clot and clear the pathway to blood flow. 4.2 grams of fish oil taken every day till month will be proven to increase the blood flow in the legs.


You are not mostly eating it for the sake of increasing blood flow and oxygen levels, and that is because you don’t know about onion benefits.

And when improving blood flow and oxygen is your priority you can’t ignore eating onions, these have a great value of flavonoids antioxidants within them.

Eating onions will support the blood vessels to get easily expand when the blood flow increase which in turn maximizes the blood supply with oxygen in your body tissues.

You can eat onions after your meals, the preferable amount is 4.3 grams of onion extracts which are proven to improve blood flow in the period of 30 days.

How to increase oxygen level in body naturally?

Yet taking too much artificial oxygen or supply you are totally fed up and it is with everyone, not you only. So, don’t lose hope and be brave to try these natural ways to increase oxygen levels in the body.

It doesn’t matter if you have covid-19 or not you can still practice these ways to get better oxygen supply in your body.

Clean the surrounding air

COPD patients often feel flare-ups due to the bad quality of air that surrounds them, and these are some reasons it is necessary to maintain and control the air quality in your home and workplace.

The best possible thing that you can do is to set up air purifiers in the home and work areas where you spend most of your time, these air purifiers eliminate the excess of pollutants from the air and improve air quality.

Keep moving

Don’t just lay down in bed or always sitting in from of TVs for a long as this habit will not result best for you. Also if you want your body to get more oxygen regulation you need to walk or move.

Walking or simply practicing some simple exercises will get the job done as it accelerates the oxygen inhalation and carbon dioxide exhalation, which purifies the air inside your body and remove the wastes.

According to American Heart Association, everyday walking of 30 minutes is a great way to enhance the circulatory system’s capabilities to regulate oxygen and the effect is even greater than spending hours at the gym.

Breathing practice

Have you seen many yoga practitioners who show the breathing practices and you very not sure if these work or not. Let me clear this, the truth is by practicing breathing exercises regularly actually works.

What it does is it improve the functioning of your respiratory system, as it is the main body system responsible for oxygen intake you should take care of its health.

Most people inhale oxygen by using the upper part of their chest which is not good when you need more oxygen supply to the body as it lowers oxygen levels.

The best thing is to practice slower breathing and it is from the diaphragm, don’t practice taking oxygen from the mouth, make full use of your nose.

Restructure your diet

Changing your diet is really an important aspect when you want your body to be healthier and full of oxygen. The best chance to make is to include foods that are higher in antioxidants compounds.

The antioxidant compounds are actually helpful when your body is not utilizing full of oxygen, antioxidants make the process simple and also increase the oxygen intake at the time of digestion.

You can choose from foods like blueberries, plums, artichoke, dark chocolate, pecans, strawberries, kale, beans, red cabbage, spinach, beets, etc.


Hydration of your body is really important to maintain good oxygen amounts as you know the formula of water which is H2O you are intaking oxygen not only water, it looks simple but most of the people don’t notice this.

Keeping your body full of water is good as it passes the wastes of your body to the outside of the body and makes the cells, tissues, and muscles filled with oxygen by circulating in all parts of the body.

Use filtered, oxygenated, or ionized water for good hydration, and don’t over-consume water at once but keep hydrating your body at regular intervals.

So these are some ideas of food to increase the oxygen level in the body with some natural ways to increase oxygen levels, for getting best results to try all of these oxygen promoting habits.


How to increase oxygen level in body by food?

The best way to increase oxygen levels is by food is by changing your old food habits. Make new choices of food include foods that help in moving more oxygen to your body, that helps in accelerating blood flow in the body, and foods with antioxidants that make the best use of oxygen in the body.

What foods improve oxygen levels?

Foods like beetroot, onions, turmeric, lemons, tomato, ginger, leafy greens, fatty fish, garlic, etc. are good to increase the oxygen supply in your body.

How to increase oxygen level in body naturally?

Practice making your home or work environment clean from pollutants by using air purifiers, include antioxidants foods in your diet, drink more water regularly, keep walking every day, these are some good habits that on continuous or regular practice will improve oxygen levels.


If you are suffering from covid-19 or any other disease firstly I recommend to consult with your doctor and then take any food for your body, because your doctor knows better of your body’s condition.

The site and its owner are not responsible if you make any use of the information shared on the site.

The food to increase the oxygen level in the body that I have discussed are scientifically proven foods however, there may be complications as everybody’s body is not the same so don’t take anything blindly.

I have also discussed some natural ways to increase oxygen levels and these are very common and good for everyone to try. At last, if you have any query and want to suggest anything you can put down in comments.

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