Can I Drink Milk After Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?

Do you drink apple cider vinegar and often think of experimenting with something new with it, like can I drink milk after drinking apple cider vinegar? these types of thoughts are bulking inside of my mind I know very well and I will clear all your doubts below.

For understanding it much better I will break down the chemical constituents of both milk and apple cider vinegar and their effects on your body.

Can I Drink Milk After Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Let’s know can I drink milk after drinking apple cider vinegar?

Milk contains many nutritional components that are must be required for our body like protein, fat, salts, vitamins, enzymes, and lactose.

Or if the milk products are used then the acidity of lactic acid is present inside the milk, and it is because when the milk sugar gets converted by the lactic acid.

So, in general, milk is not that acidic that it can harm your body from inside. However, if you see apple cider vinegar it contains minerals and vitamins along with a large composition of acids, such as formic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, succinic acids, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, and more.

So you can consider apple cider vinegar as acidic in nature it has a pH of 2-3 which is highly acidic. This is the only reason it is not advised to drink it as it is.

Always dilute one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a full glass of water this will neutralize the pH and protect your esophagus and stomach from any further complications.

Now, you know that milk is having neutral pH that is 6-7, and apple cider vinegar having 2-3 pH, you probably think that it will get neutralize inside the body as one is acidic and the other is near to basic so it will not harm and good.

But stop it is not like that although there is no scientific study is done to confirm this statement and no researches are done on this, I must say that you consider the fact that a recipe is made by mixing milk and apple cider vinegar.

Buttermilk is usually tried by mixing milk and apple cider vinegar, so what is going here in this process is milk is converted to buttermilk by apple cider vinegar.

So, this is exactly the possibility of happening inside your body that if you drink both of these drinks together there are possibilities that both of these will react and it can be very discomforting for you.

You may feel like vomit, nausea, stomach disturbances, and many other issues. So, why set up your mood off trying drinking milk after apple cider vinegar maybe not be a good choice.

However, if you maintain a gap more than 30 minutes before and after drinking apple cider vinegar it may not react because at this time interval the apple cider vinegar gets digested and your stomach is empty.

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Can we mix apple cider vinegar with milk?

Yes, if you’re using it to make buttermilk outside your body it can be used as a recipe in which one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar is added to a cup of milk and left it same for about 10 minutes.
But if you are thinking can I drink milk after drinking apple cider vinegar you must know that drinking both liquids inside your body can be a bad choice for you it can react inside your stomach and cause you to vomit.
You can maintain a gap of 30 minutes after and before drinking apple cider vinegar because at this time the vinegar gets digested.


Can I drink milk after drinking apple cider vinegar? well In closing, I want to tell you that if you are using apple cider vinegar and milk for a purpose of the recipe then it is good and you can surely make buttermilk from it but if you are thinking to drink both of liquids together inside your body you may think twice.

I also want to warn you if you are suffering from any disease don’t try this on your own keep the advice of your family doctor with you and then do anything further.

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